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Monthly Archives: October 1999

Friday, October 29, 1999

Hour 1: “You Have Got to be Kooky!” Vic Prell fills in for Phil and reads horrifying murder stories for Halloween, but his annoying voice makes them sound hip. David G. Hall defends Vic after Phil criticizes the way he is presenting the material. Featured Line: “I know that it was short notice (having Vic fill in) and I know I had to take care of some stuff, but I am having a problem, Vic, listening to you talking about the murder of a child as if you’re introducing a new record by TLC…you’re making it sound as if you’re at the carnival or something.” Hour 2: Phil Hendrie reads about deadly drifters Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole, Bud Dickman critiques. Phil reads the Ottis Toole interview about the murder of Adam Walsh. Hour 3: The PHS presents Joe Dickhead & the Professor’s NFL Picks! Caller Don wants to know why we waste so many pumpkins on Halloween when there are so many starving people in the world. Phil tries to summon an earthquake. Mavis Leonard says her nephew is dressing like a Klan member for Halloween. Featured exchange between Mavis and her nephew: “Bull crap! You are in a Ku Klux Klan costume – you got a damn cross on that thing!” “I’m going as the Holy Ghost!” Show log by Mike Angileri

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Thursday, October 28, 1999

Hour 1:Phil talks a little bit about actor Dwight Frye. The PHS presents: Phil “The Prophet” Hendrie… liberals beware!! Bud Dickman gives Phil the Prophet a flu shot. Former roadie Li’l Ian Anderson reviews the film “Dracula.” R.C. Chimes in to contest Li’l Ian’s quoting, although he can’t spit his version out either! Featured Exchange: R.C. – “Rats, um, um, um, um,” Ian – “thousands…” R.C. – “thousands of um, um, um” Ian – “rats…” R.C. – “QUIT IT, SPOOGE!”Hour 2:”Gross 95, Net 72” Ted Bell calls to gloat about his new membership at a prestigious clubhouse. He claims that golf courses are where million-dollar deals are made; he recently bet his seafood supplier Bruce that he could beat him and his baby sister by himself and in exchange he gets 5% off the cost of seafood for the year. It turns out that Ted won, but it is revealed that the only reason he did is because he has a handicap of 23 strokes! Featured Exchange between Ted and a caller: “Don’t hate me cuz I cracked open some ass today, sir.” “You didn’t, you’re a hack! You shot a 95!” *long pause* “Ya know somethin’? This is exactly the conversation I got into with Bruce; I said ‘ya can’t handle it, can ya,’ and he’s calling me all kinds of names. I whooped up, son!”Hour 3:Phil talks about the mother in Colorado that blew her brains out. Bobbie Dooley calls in to talk about the run-in she had today with her daughter’s school but hangs up because she was offended by some of Phil’s earlier comments.Show log by Mike Angileri

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Wednesday, October 27, 1999

Hour 1: “The Jesus Clone” Jeff Dowder calls in with a controversial idea that would clone Jesus Christ by using DNA from the Shroud of Turin. Featured Exchange: “You want prearranged appearances on late-night television?” “To promote the concept that we have cloned a Jesus and we got the baby Jesus clone going on and that we can go from there – it’s a city-to-city tour or whatever you wanna do, I don’t know what.” Hour 2: Phil talks about the Pete Rose Interview and people who have gambling problems. Phil talks about the tv coverage of a plane crash landing. Austin Amarka calls in to talk about the glass figurines he wife owns that reflects an image of a cross on his wall. Hour 3: “Get Me a Cup of Coffee!” Larry Grover had a run-in with a receptionist who wouldn’t get him a cup of coffee. He thinks that when you’re in a professional business, the receptionist should bring you coffee because they will be automated out of a job in a few years if they don’t learn some basic skills. Featured Line: “If she wants to show that she’s better than voicemail, then she should do what voicemail can’t do, and that’s get me a cup of coffee!” Show log by Mike Angileri

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Tuesday, October 26, 1999

Hour 1: “Jesus Christ Costume” Margaret Gray says that from historical perspective, she thought it would be a wonderful idea to dress her son Jason J. Delmonico as Jesus Christ for Halloween. Hour 2: “Feel the Fry Basket” Dave Oliva joins the program on the census report recently released that states only 32% of the Los Angeles population will be anglo in the year 2000. He says it’s payback time and the white people should get used to handling fast food. Featured Line: “…I’ll go over to their house and they’ll be havin’ a hamburger on a barbecue and I’ll say ‘Hey man, check it out. You might as well get used to this thing.’ I’ll give them the spatula, I’ll let them have the feel of the spatula. How’s it feel – the weight of it in their hand, you know, what’s it like to get the fries into the oil. I made a little paper hat just for fun.” Hour 3: Phil predicts who won the Braves vs. Yankees game and talks about Matthew Mcconaughey getting arrested for playing bongo drums naked in his house. Jeff Dowder chimes in. Relationship expert Rudy Canoza joins the program to talk about how well the James Bond women have aged. Show log by Mike Angileri.

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Monday, October 25, 1999

Hour 1:Phil talks about the hourly rating numbers, the death of pro golfer Payne Stewart, and Disneyland.Hour 2:Doug Dannger discusses the internet auction of the eggs of models. He is in favor of the idea, because children get all of their intelligence from the father anyway.Hour 3:Warren Benman enjoys parachute BASE jumping, and talks about when he fell 150 feet while repairing a transmitter tower light. RC Collins gets shot my his mom while calling in to talk about a website that shows Florida executions.

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Friday, October 22, 1999

Hour 1:Lloyd Bonafide is having trouble understanding why his house gets toilet papered every Halloween, when he tells trick or treaters to “Get the hell off my property, and never come back”.Hour 2:Chris Norton says he’s been caught having sex with married women by the husbands many times, but he’s always been able “to cool them out”Hour 3:Phil continues his conversation with Chris Norton. Joe Dickhead and the Profssor make football picks. Daryl Weber and the Funky Chicken Cacophony Liquor Jamboree Show. Daryl’s wife broke another chair at the beauty salon, and fell through a man’s house after coming down a ski slope.

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Thursday, October 21, 1999

Hour 1:Bob Green calls in to discuss drinking breast milk out of a sipper cup to prevent leukemia, and recently getting thrown out of a restaurant.Hour 2:Dr. Jim Sadler claims to have the original idea to clone dinosaurs & open up a park of some sort to show them.Hour 3:Pilot Art Griego is killing flocks of geese with guns and cricket bats to teach the geese a lesson about taking up his air space.

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Wednesday, October 20, 1999

Hour 1:Phil talks to his lawyer Harvey Wireman. Phil is furious about Santa Claus selling a letter he wrote to him when he was ten to a tabloid. Phil talks about giant foods and over eating.Hour 2:Bobbie Dooley is very excited about her upcoming fun vacation to visit Dachau followed by sauerbraten and polka music.Hour 3:Steve Bosell is sure that his wife is cheating on him because she recently started wearing Capri pants, tight sweaters, and is demonstrating new sexual techniques with him.

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Tuesday, October 19, 1999

Hour 1:Raj Faneen fills in for Phil. Raj does not understand Halloween and the “little bastards begging for candy”, and is confused about the difference between Halloween and Christmas.Hour 2:Phil talks about the upcoming movie Any Given Sunday, and the best and worst sports movies of all time.Hour 3:RC Collins and Austin Amarka call in and argue about who’s going to win the Mets vs. Braves game. Joe Dickhead keeps interrupting giving updates on the Mets game while Phil is trying to tell a story about a guy wrestling a bear. Jeff Dowder calls in to say that he’s protesting rodeos because they are “completely uncool”.

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Monday, October 18, 1999

Hour 1:”The Show Monitor” David G. Hall joins the program to do the annual show monitoring, the machine beeps every time Phil says something that’s not interesting or relatable.Hour 2:Phil talks about tequila, barnyard dancing, and valet parking. Phil asks his callers who’ve worked service jobs if it makes them slow down when customers scream at them. Brass Villenhueva chimes in, he wants to quit his auto detailing business so he can gHour 3:Phil explains how the show works! Featuring Brass Villenhueva, Margaret Gray, and Harvey Wireman. RC Collins explains to Phil why he doesn’t want to take two “mud turtles” to the homecoming dance.

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