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Monthly Archives: January 2000

Monday, January 31, 2000

Hour 1:Phil talks about the plane crash in Pt. Magu and the chili cook-off last weekend. Vic Prell lends a hand with some background music and Austin Amarka chimes in from San Antonio. Bobbie Dooley joins the program to talk about her Superbowl party buffet, sheHour 2:Bobbie Dooley is offering a gourmet cooking class because most wives don’t know how to cook for their husbands (cont’d) Phil wants to know, in a world where normal physics exist… how is it possible that the Rams won the Superbowl? Phil reminisces over pHour 3:”Born Again Football Players” Jay Santos says pro football player Kurt Warner made it to the Superbowl as a result of turning his life over to Jesus Christ. Jay believes athletes can be more successful in their careers if they simply covert to Christianit

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Friday, January 28, 2000

Hour 1:Phil talks a little bit about the history of the nation of Islam while intern Bud Dickman runs some inappropriate background music. “Roller Boogie Weenmeister” Steve Bosell is humiliated over the fact that his son called him a “weenie” after falling overHour 2:”No Onion Dip” Dave Oliva gets into an argument with his girlfriend over serving onion dip at his Superbowl party because he feels it compromises his mexican culture.Hour 3:Phil complains about bad callers and gears up for Superbowl XXXIV this weekend. Phil discusses the upcoming chili cook-off and the fact he doesn’t trust people in the medical profession. Phil and a caller discuss the Minnesota Vikings and talk show host N

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Thursday, January 27, 2000

Hour 1:”California Transients” Lloyd Bonifide tells Phil that he is doing a disservice when he brags about the nice weather in California because he’s encouraging people to move there. Mavis Leonard chimes in!Hour 2:Phil announces that he will be featured in the March 2000 issue of “Girl Talk” magazine, Bud Dickman chimes in. Doug Dannger went up to a person in a movie theatre told them to shut their cell phone off. Doug claims that heterosexuals simply don’t have thHour 3:Conservative Larry Grover joins the program. Larry claims his failed efforts to remove president Bill Clinton from office cost him his family, led him to return to drinking, and forced him to join the church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2000

Hour 1:(Phil’s first show from Premiere Radio Networks) DAT MISSING FROM BOXHour 2:Bob Green joins the program to talk about Leonard Little from the St.Louis Rams, who received 90 days in jail for killing an Atlanta woman in a car accident while driving drunk. Bob feels young black men should be given a break because they’ve already beeHour 3:The PHS presents, the Dr.Kralgor Show… “I’m A Worthless Meatsack”! Phil asks his listeners “What’s Your Favorite Budweiser commercial?”

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Tuesday, January 25, 2000

Hour 1:(Phil’s last show from the KFI studio) Phil asks his listeners, “just how well do you know the music from adult films?” After Phil complains that KABX is tape delaying his show, David G. Hall joins the airwaves to explain to Phil that he isn’t even on theHour 2:David helps Phil do some quality control with his material (continued) Phil asks his listeners to call in to play a new game which he calls “Is It Porn or Not?” Phil welcomes Carvin Knowles, producer of the compilation “Sex-o-rama.”Hour 3:”Secret Nacho Recipe” Bobbie Dooley is hosting her annual “Superbowl Gala” where there will be a chili cookoff and nacho competition. Bobbie suspects that her neighbor Janice has stolen her nacho recipe.

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Monday, January 24, 2000

Hour 1:”You Don’t Give Ted Bell a Ticket” Ted Bell says the Beverly Hills police department ruined his day by pulling him over on his way to the Golden Globe awards. Ted claims all he did was blow three red lights and hit a parked car.Hour 2:Phil rants about his homeowners association asking his family to remove their basketball hoop from the front of the house, listeners weight in.Hour 3:”Run ‘Em and Gun ‘Em” Longtime Rams fan RC Collins calls the program to talk about the former Los Angeles football team and their history of fairwheather fans. Steve Bosell chimes in, he says RC doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

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Thursday, January 20, 2000

Hour 1:”Hedy Lamarr Tribute” Attorney Harvey Wireman joins the airwaves to discuss the life and times of actress Hedy Lamarr. RC Collins chimes in! Jay Santos from “Fallen Star Entertainment” joins the program, they perform theatrical reinactments of famous celHour 2:”Fallen Star Entertainment” (cont’d) Phil talks about his zero tolerance policy for affiliates that tape delay his show. Phil receives a call from an old lady from Anchorage Alaksa who attempts to crank the show.Hour 3:”The Art of Self Fulfillment” Dr.Jim Sadler says he stopped practicing yoga because it was a cult that practiced “self fellatio.” Phil talks about going whale watching with his family.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2000

Hour 1:Intern Bud Dickman gets on Phil’s case after he announces that he doesn’t want to do anymore public appearances. Phil talks about the fan letters he used to receive from Sean Hannity. Margaret Gray says that ever since the Northridge earthquake in ’94 herHour 2:Margaret Gray tells Phil that ever since the Northridge earthquake in ’94 her son has been sleeping in her bed. (continued) Bob Bakian reports with the news that Barbara Streissand will no longer be performing live. Phil talks about moving to his new housHour 3:”The 13th Floor” Don Parsley is ashamed of the fact that he didn’t go into work today because he’s afraid of the 13th floor. He wants to make sure that his family will be taken care of should anything happen to him. Bud Dickman co-hosts.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2000

Hour 1:”Jungle American” Employer Larry Grover says you can’t put “African American” on a job application anymore because you’re likely to get a white guy from South Africa. Larry’s solution is to put “Jungle American” on the job application instead.Hour 2:”Swank” Chris is in trouble for bringing a copy of Swank magazine onto an airplane while sitting next to a mother and her 13 year old son. Chris says he did nothing wrong since the magazine was purchased it at the airport. Featuring Ruth from Anaheim!!Hour 3:Phil discusses Pink Floyd, Oingo Boingo, and rock ‘n’ roll bands that have really long songs. Phil discusses American vs. British rock ‘n’ roll.

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Monday, January 17, 2000

Hour 1:”Hunger Strike” In honor of Martin Luther King’s birthday, Dave Oliva announces he will be starving himself until the state of South Carolina takes down their confederate flag.Hour 2:Phil talks about how he’s tired of doing CD signings and being a member of the Screen Actors Guild. Phil asks his female listeners to call in with their favorite war flicks.Hour 3:”Looney Tunes Blows” Gay journalist Doug Danger criticizes the voice actors who have taken over Mel Blanc’s “Looney Tunes” characters.

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