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Monthly Archives: February 2000

Tuesday, February 29, 2000

Hour 1: “The Average Condom Size” Dr.Jim Sadler joins the program to discuss a recently released study that says the average European sized condom is too big for German males. Dr.Sadler asks the question… when is WWII going to be over with? Hour 2: Phil talks about the “penis pump” scam, and how to have fun shooting a firearm. Phil reveals what happens when male radio talk show hosts meet their female callers off the air. Hour 3: “Leap Year Rage” Attorney Harvey Wireman joins the program to talk about his wife Gladys on the anniversary of her death on leap day. Mr.Wireman blames news anchor Bryant Gumble for her death.

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Monday, February 28, 2000

Hour 1: Phil talks about his recent wine tasting trip to Napa Valley. “Interesting Tidbits with Mavis Leonard” Mavis discusses Barry White and why he has a problem with the Emmys. Hour 2: “Say No to Seatbelts” Margaret Grey joins the program to discuss her child actor son, Jason J. Delmonico. Although Margaret recently received a ticket for driving without Jason in a seatbelt, she is contesting it because she believes her son transcends th Hour 3: “Bridges of Madison County” After returning a copy of “Bridges of Madison County” that was 6 months overdue, a local library clerk made a comment that Steve might like to check out the gay studies section.

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Friday, February 18, 2000

Hour 1:”The Backside Boys” Lil Ian Anderson says it’s common knowledge that the Backstreet Boys are a gay group, and that they plan to get married to each other. After parodying the titles of popular Peanuts cartoons, David G. Hall joins the program to criticizeHour 2:David G. Hall joins the program to criticize Phil for being disrespectful to the late Charles Schultz. (cont’d) Phil’s quiz game with Rita and Holly. Chris Norton from Redono Beach calls the program, he just found out his girlfriend is pregnant even thougHour 3:Chris Norton finds out his girlfriend is pregnant even though he used the “pull-out” method. (cont’d) Phil talks about traveling CBS news journalist Charles Kuralt and the subject of being faithful to your wife. Webmasters note: February 21st-25th Phil go

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Thursday, February 17, 2000

Hour 1:In this special edition of the Phil Hendrie Show, Phil speaks with caller Tom, a former white supremacist believes that OJ Simpson was set up by the LAPD.Hour 2:RC Collins joins the program, he wants to sound bitchin’ like the previous caller with the voice processor! Phil talks about Jews for Jesus. The PHS presents… Bob Tucker from the American Nazi Party!Hour 3:”Fat Pride” Roland Schwinn’s way of protesting the Atkins’ Diet is to eat the last meals of Texas Death Row inmates who were executed.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2000

Hour 1:Conservative Larry Grover joins the program to talk about John McCain’s run for presidency. Larry says we must stand on the side of prudence and not elect a loose cannon who spent five years in a P.O.W. camp.Hour 2:”Westminister Dog Show” Reporting live from the Westminister Kennel Club Dog Show, Margaret Gray joins the program. Margaret says she was offended by the strange behavior she observed from several of the other dog owners.Hour 3:Phil talks about seeing George Carlin perform live in Las Vegas, and visiting the M&M’s store. Bob Greene from “Solutions America” joins the program to talk about the confederate flag. Austin Amarka chimes in!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2000

Hour 1:Vinnie Carbon goes to the movies. Phil talks about the razzies and the worst actors in hollywood. Phil talks about “The Blair Witch Project” and hot saki.Hour 2:”Sandwich Artists” In the aftermath of a double killing of two Subway employees, Jeff Dowder theorizes that the kids committed suicide because they were distraught over the daily pressures of making a great sandwich.Hour 3:The PHS presents… “Who Wants to Kiss My Ass.” RC Collins calls in to talk about rock band KISS’s last tour. RC says that KISS stands for Knights In Satan’s Service.

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Monday, February 14, 2000

Hour 1:The PHS presents… Cartoonists that should retire, get cancer, and die (besides Charles Schultz). Caller Meg calls in to discuss a recent comment Jerry Lewis made stating that “Women aren’t funny.” Meg says comic actresses in movies and TV are only “funnHour 2:”Women Aren’t Funny” (continued from Hour 1) Ted Bell joins the program to talk about his new Beverly Hills Children’s Museum. Ted Bell joins the program to talk about his new Beverly Hills Children’s Museum. Ted wants parents of dead children to donate tHour 3:”Diorama Kids” Ted Bell joins the program to talk about his new Beverly Hills Children’s Museum. (continued from hour 1). Bud Dickman’s “Top 10 Head Injuries.”

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Friday, February 11, 2000

Hour 1:Bud Dickman plays some “mood music” while Phil talks about his life and its many failures. Dr.Kralgor “I’m A Worthless Meatsack.” Jay Santos wants to know if Phil Collins is dead. Dave Oliva proposes some radical ideas that will help keep latin kids in hiHour 2:Dave Oliva proposes some radical ideas that will help keep latin kids in high school. (cont’d) Mavis Leonard claims that she had a sexual relationship with former president Franklin D. Roosevelt and says that first lady Eleanor Roosevelt was a lesbian.Hour 3:”Latex Skin Barbie” Steve Bosell is suing a toy company for making a realistic Barbie doll, Steve claims the doll looked so good it turned him on.

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Thursday, February 10, 2000

Hour 1:Phil jokes about breaking into Dr.Laura’s office. Attorney Harvey Wireman joins the program to debate student RC Collins on the issue of “Gay Social Clubs” in high schools. The PHS presents “Vinnie Carbon Goes to the Movies.”Hour 2:”Valentines For Single Men” Rudy Canosa joins the program to give advice to single men who want to enjoy Valentines Day without being in a long-term relationship. Rudy says picking up on married women and then dumping them is a good way to enjoy the weekeHour 3:”Vets Without Syndromes” Lloyd Bonifide joins the program from “Vets without Syndromes” an organization of veterans Lloyd says “don’t just sit around bitching and complaining about everything that goes on.”

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Wednesday, February 9, 2000

Hour 1:”Getting Wood In the Morning” with Skippy and Frank! Phil discusses “homies”, Stephen Spielberg’s kidney problem, and the Alaskan Airlines crash. The story of how Dr.Brown helped Billy use psychotherapy. “Getting Wood In the Morning” with Skippy and FrankHour 2:”Valentines Day Gifts” Syndicated columnist Margaret Gray joins the program to talk about Valentines Day. Margaret says that as a woman she’s intimately familiar with the gifts women really want, like a gift certificate to an electrolysis center or anythiHour 3:Phil talks about a man who recently received the congressional medal of honor. Phil apologizes to his listeners for reporting that President Bill Clinton was shot, intern Bud Dickman chimes in. Pastor William Rennick claims the design of the Statue of Lib

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