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Monthly Archives: March 2000

Friday, March 31, 2000

Hour 1:”#1 Anti-Castro Leader in Miami” Outspoken Fidel Castro critic Ruben Ramon Escobar joins the program to share his thoughts on the Elian Gonzalez incident.Hour 2:”Say No to Vaseline” Bobbie Dooley joins the show. Bobbie’s son Seth was recently suspended from school after drawing inappropriate pictures of male genitalia… that’s why she and her husband Steve are “Fag proofing” their home!Hour 3:Phil talks about staying in the luxury box at the Staples center, TV vs. radio, and barbecuing turkey burgers. Phil replays his REAL interview with Larry King from WIOD ’96 featuring station manager Bob Greene. Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell: Art resigns

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Thursday, March 30, 2000

Hour 1:”Solutions USA” Brad Rifkin of Solutions USA joins the program. Brad sells a “backyard energy locator” that can help you find oil or mineral deposits on your own land, WHILE you’re working off the fat!!Hour 2:Nationally syndicated columnist Margaret Gray joins the program, she claims the Elian Gonzalez incident has affected her menstrual cycle and caused her to beat her own son.Hour 3:Phil rants about his checks from Premiere bouncing, affiliates canceling the show, and Sears horrible customer service. Lloyd Bonifide joins the program to comment on the Supreme Court ruling requiring strippers to wear pasties and a g-string… Lloyd fee

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Wednesday, March 29, 2000

Hour 1:After Phil says a prayer live on the show, program director David G. Hall slams Phil for offending people of all religions and ruining his chances of sponsorship by “Le Bon Femme”, an after hour gentlemens club.Hour 2:PHS Flashback: “Skippy & Frank Sports Talk Show.” Dave Oliva joins the program, he thinks there should be warning labels on bottles of alcohol the same way there are warnings on cigarettes. Dave wants to sue the alcohol company Seagrams because he feels tHour 3:Phil discusses restaurants in Malibu vs. restaurants in East LA. Phil talks about his step-kids almost breaking the pool table. The PHS presents… “Bud Dickman’s Top 10 Head Injuries.” Lil’ Ian Anderson sheds some light on the death of John Bonham of Led

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Tuesday, March 28, 2000

Hour 1:PHS Flashback “Goth Beaver Hunt.” Phil talks about his four step-kids and their luxurious lifestyle. Ted Bell of “Ted’s of Beverly Hills” is allowing his customers to smoke after 3 in the afternoon as a way of standing with the tobacco companies.Hour 2:Ted Bell is allowing his customers to smoke (cont’d from Hour 1) Phil talks about a nun from his childhood Catholic school. Dr.Jim Sadler joins the program, author of the pop-up book “Lessons from Jesus.” In his book, Dr.Sadler illustrates that God killedHour 3:Dr.Jim Sadler joins the program, author of the pop-up book “Lessons from Jesus” (cont’d from Hour 2) The PHS presents… the Skippy & Frank sports talk show!! Skippy & Frank talk Final 4 with Shaq and take a phone call from President Bill Clinton!! Phil t

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Monday, March 27, 2000

Hour 1:Phil talks about the Byrds, bumper music, gospel music, and the Academy Awards. Phil asks his listeners, what’s the worst live concert you’ve ever seen? Phil talks about the freaks on Venice Beach.Hour 2:”Black Television” Joyful Union congregation leader Pastor William Rennick believes African Americans started going downhill when they stopped dancing because they are not on the same level as white actors when it comes to television.Hour 3:”Satanic Weekly” High school student R.C. “Barnabus” Collins claims he has “religious freedom” to publish a newsletter publication for fellow goth and vampire students called the “Satanic Weekly.”

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Friday, March 24, 2000

Hour 1:”Willie the Dumpster Diver” Bobbie Dooley calls the program to discuss Willie Fulgear, the man who received a $50,000 reward for finding the Oscar award statues in the dumpster.Hour 2:Entertainment journalist Doug Dannger joins the program. Doug is furious over an article published by the Wall Street Journal in which they interviewed Academy members to predict this years Oscar winners.Hour 3:Phil pays a female listener $300 to play drums on the phone for the rest of the show. Harvey Wireman joins the program, he advocates sterilizing people in our society. Phil talks about the many female drummers in rock.

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Thursday, March 23, 2000

Hour 1:PHS flashback “Too Good for a Leafblower.” Jeff Dowder joins the program live from Hermosa Beach to talk about the recent bakery strike. Jeff claims the Interstate Bakery workers strike threatens him and other artists who need munchies after sparking theHour 2:”Now Comes the Cow” Margaret Gray joins the program to explain “thin to win”, she believes you simply can’t win with a full figured body anymore.Hour 3:”I Euthanized My Wife” Alf joins the program to discuss the sad misfortune he faced with being forced to euthanize his wife, a victim of severe pain. Alf claims she died with dignity.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2000

Hour 1:PHS flashback “Lloyd Fights his way off hold.” Phil talks a little bit about his physical appearance. Steve Bosell says he suffered from a “spontaneous emission” after seeing a poster of Erin Brockovich at a movie theatre, now he wants to sue!Hour 2:Bob Bakian reports live from Queensland, Australia where Queen Elizabeth is visiting the country. Mavis Leonard says Elian Gonzales should be familiarized with how things will be for him as a Cuban-American: raking, picking fruit, and blowing leaves. PhilHour 3:”Eating In Church” Roland Schwinn says the Catholic church has “butchered up” the self image of millions of fat and happy people because they won’t let him eat in church.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2000

Hour 1:”Madonna’s Childbirth: Live and Streaming!” RC Collins from Chatsworth believes that Madonna is an inspiration because she has given childbirth and still looks good. RC says it would help a lot of women if she broadcast her next childbirth live on the intHour 2:”Guns In the Household” 68-year old gun owner Lloyd Bonifide claims it keeps his mind sharp and adrenaline up when he leaves a loaded weapon somewhere in the house with his 5-year old grandson. *Featuring the classic clip “Lloyd fights his way off hold.”Hour 3:”DB Cooper & the 3 Bears” Pilot Art Griego thinks passengers should be tested for alcohol before they board his plane. He then goes on to tell the amazing story of DB Cooper!

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Monday, March 20, 2000

Hour 1:(Phil’s 4-6pm time slot debut) Phil expresses his further and never ending frustration over the customer service at Sears. Chris Norton joins the program to explain why Shania Twain is the hottest selling country singer in music today.Hour 2:”Apology from Catholics” Bob Green joins the program to talk about the apology recently issued to Jews & Indians on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church. Bob says that in order to properly apologize you’ve got to break out the checkbook.Hour 3:”Relax Tiger Woods” Golf player and restaurant owner Ted Bell believes it’d only be fair if Tiger Woods won “a little less often.”

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