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Monthly Archives: July 2000

Monday, July 31, 2000

Hour 1:”Coast to Coast AM” with Art Bell: Art gives his theory on Jimmy Hoffa and Peenman Enterprise introduces the “AM PM Mini Mart.” Phil talks about helping his wife after surgery, the OJ Simpson jurors, and breast enhancements. Dodger Baseball with Ross PortHour 2:Dean Wheeler reads “Mine Coif” live from the Republic National Convention. Jay Santos joins the program, he is giving bags out to the ugly women at the Convention so that the men don’t drink too much. Phil talks about his stepkids pet rat. Dean Wheeler reHour 3:”Handicapable” High school student RC Collins joins the program to salute 10 years of the Americans with Disabilities Act. RC calls himself “handicapable” which means that he can get discounts on movie tickets, operate commercial vehicles, and smoke ciga

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Thursday, July 27, 2000

Hour 1:Steve Bosell is threatening legal action after he was recognized sobbing at a local mens support group. Steve now fears the Orange County Register is going to run the story. Phil discusses Siskel & Ebert and the film “What Lies Beneath.”Hour 2:Harvey Wireman attorney-at-law joins the program to discuss the items OJ Simpson is currently selling on his website “Ask OJ.” Harvey feels that buying something from OJ and forgiving him for what he did will go a long way towards reaching closure.Hour 3:Darkhorse band member Jeff Dowder talks about the advantages of Napster and downloading music off the internet while he performs some of his tunes live on the air.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2000

Hour 1:”Innocent Simpson” Brad Rifkin joins the program to share his theory on the OJ Simpson case. Brad believes that Nicole Brown Simpson killed Ron Goldman & herself and made it look like OJ did it to get back at him.Hour 2:Travel agent Colleen Kristen Brewster joins the program, she feels we shouldn’t talk about or travel to France because the Concord crash makes her sad. Phil talks about the 2000 year old toilet. The PHS presents… “Does Bud Dickman Want To Be A MillionaiHour 3:”Inbred Cops” Dave Oliva feels that one dead hostage is acceptable in a recent Orlando Florida standoff because southern police officers are inbred… what else could you expect?

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Tuesday, July 25, 2000

Hour 1:”Flip Side Of Love” Gay journalist Doug Dannger feels Barbara Walters and O.J. Simpson might have “got something going on” after the recent cancellation of his appearance on The View. Phil talks about fans who have sent him tapes of their phone gags.Hour 2:”Amateur Event Photographers” Joining the program live from Paris, Art Griego feels he could have gotten paid good money if he was able to videotape the crash of the Concord.Hour 3:Lloyd Bonifide doesn’t think suburban women should not be allowed to have guns because his wife accidently shot him. Phil talks about fighting with his wife and the bills.

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Monday, July 24, 2000

Hour 1:Travel Agency owner Colleen Kristen Brewster feels Dick Cheney will easily win over the senior citizen vote because of their love for cheap discounts. Phil talks about a bad experience he had recently at neighborhood pool.Hour 2:Phil welcomes Dean Wheeler who feels that Tiger Woods recent victory will result in an increased danger for black people on golf courses. Phil talks about the fact his kids are half Jewish and attend a Catholic school.Hour 3:”Boy Scout Nazi Camp” Bobbie Dooley joins the program, she is worried about her son going to Boy Scout Camp because she fears they may be Nazi’s making cookies out of human beings. Phil talks about being spotted by fans.

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Friday, July 21, 2000

Hour 1:Dr.Jim Sadler is proposing a radical new idea to help cut back on health care costs: giving women dental and breast exams on the same doctors visit!Hour 2:Jay Santos joins the program, he and the Citizens Auxiliary Police will be voluntarily patrolling this years Democratic National Convention. Jay says that if a delegate runs too long with a speech he’ll get cracked in the back of the head. Phil talks abouHour 3:Program director David G. Hall wants Phil to host a male beefcake pageant live on the air to an attempt to get women to listen to the show. Bud Dickman’s Top 10 Head Injuries.

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Thursday, July 20, 2000

Hour 1:”Yo Quiero Taco Bell?” Brass Villanueva is upset over the fact that Taco Bell recently discontinued its “Yo Quiero Taco Bell?” chihuahua advertising campaign. Brass says that dog helped raise awareness about latino culture and cuisine.Hour 2:”Straight Arrow Ministries” Rev.Vernon Dozier joins the program with a patient named Warren Benman who he was able to cure of homosexuality through electroshock therapy and aversion techniques.Hour 3:Phil talks about freebies from sponsors and beer. The Phil Hendrie Show presents a 30 Second Fight… Mike Tyson vs. Barbara Streisand! Live from Egypt, Raj Faneen hosts “I Got Blue.”

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Wednesday, July 19, 2000

Hour 1:Jeff Dowder calls in to comment on Kareem Abdul Jabar’s recent drug arrest… Jeff says he uses marijuana to treat back pain. Phil talks about private beaches.Hour 2:Ted Bell joins the program to talk about the heat wave, Ted says if old folks die in their apartment that’s just the way it goes (according to the teachings of Charles Darwin)Hour 3:”A Hint of Bush” Aspiring adult film actor Chris Norton who has developed a new perfume fragrance to help raise money for Frederick’s of Hollywood. Phil tells the story of his visit to the Playboy Mansion.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2000

Hour 1:Bikini Waxing Shop owner Rudy Canosa is in trouble for taking photos of his clients private areas after he’s done. Phil talks about his lack of competition in radio.Hour 2:Margaret Gray is taking bids to reveal the name of the winner of Survivor. Margaret is using the money she raises to benefit the “Young Talent Academy” in Bel Air’s trip to London.Hour 3:Phil talks about Combover Boy. Steve Bosell joins the program to explain why he was putting on his wife’s makeup while he was driving.

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Monday, July 17, 2000

Hour 1:Phil talks about the film “The Patriot.” Caller Austin Amarka believes that slaves were happier here than they were in Africa.Hour 2:”Tobakie Truck” Dean Wheeler discusses his “tobakie truck” that allows underage children to buy coffee & cigarettes. Phil talks about the TV show “Sex In the City.”Hour 3:Phil welcomes Bobbie Dooley who believes that legally blind track athlete Marla Runyan should not be allowed to compete in the Olympics. Phil talks about getting ticketed for drinking alcohol on the beach.

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