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Monthly Archives: August 2000

Thursday, August 31, 2000

Hour 1:Child care expert Clara Bingham believes that Jon Benet Ramsey was blackmailed and then beaten to death Beauty Pageant Judges. Phil reads through a Sharper Image Catalogue and talks about teaching his kids how to drive “stick.”Hour 2:Colleen Kristen Brewster joins the program to promote her “Princess Diana Travel Package” to Paris where you can facsimile the famous chase route. Phil talks about creationism.Hour 3:”Birds for Fuel” Private pilot Art Griego, disturbed by reports that birds sucked into jetliners’ engines are threatening the safety of passengers, explains why he wants to grind up all of our feathered friends. Phil talks about psychics.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2000

Hour 1:Syndicated journalist Margaret Gray believes Survivor winner Richard Hatch is a great role model because Gay people make better parents. Phil talks about screening class and teaching kids about evolutions.Hour 2:Phil is joined by Raj Faneen who explains his elaborate theory on what really killed Princess Diana. Phil shares his plans to retrace the Diane crash route & discusses SNL movies.Hour 3:Phil welcomes the Reverend William Rennick who believes that Joe Lieberman should play down the fact he is Jewish just like the black guy on the Lawrence Welk show. Phil talks about Ben Affleck sharing the money he won playing Blackjack in Vegas.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2000

Hour 1:Charlie Lafountain joins the program, he says it’s possible that Firestone tires are purposefully being manufactured falsely by the Japanese because they want payback for Nagasaki. Storytime with Phil Hendrie.Hour 2:Child Psychologist Roland Schwinn thinks it’s a crime that a 120 lbs. 3 year old Mexican child was taken from its parents house for abuse. Phil talks about losing weight.Hour 3:Bobbie Dooley of the Western Estates Homeowners Association joins the program, she is putting prospective home owners through an application process that some say is unfair and similar to hazing.

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Monday, August 28, 2000

Hour 1:Phil welcomes Larry Grover to talk about the fact that President Nixon allegedly slugged his wife and took mood changing drugs… Larry says “Where’s the Beef?” Phil talks about Weight Watchers and taking care of his kids pets.Hour 2:Steve Bosell says that Bert Ramsey accidently killed Jon Benet with a Louisville Slugger… he believes the Ramseys have legal right to sue the bat company for not putting a warning sign on their product. Phil talks about Roseanne Bar posing for Gear magaHour 3:”Dune Buggies & Paratroopers” Korean War veteran Lloyd Bonifide wants to launch a surprise attack on Russia because their armed forces are down and they’re ripe for attack.

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Friday, August 25, 2000

Hour 1:Program director David G. Hall forces Phil to do a “Gay friendly” radio show. Phil talks about the gay lifestyle.Hour 2:Ted Bell joins the program, he says that people who win a million dollars need to be taught how to spend it, otherwise they will go out and “buy all the wrong stuff.” Phil reads from the “Harriet Carter: Distinctive Gifts Since 1958” catalogue.Hour 3:Colleen Kristen Brewster says that if you fly with her travel agency she will guarantees an English speaking white pilot to ensure you don’t “end up in the Gulf.” Phil discusses movie phone services.

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Thursday, August 24, 2000

Hour 1:Gay journalist Doug Dannger returns to the program to ask the question, why aren’t gays getting more credit now that Richard Hatch has won Survivor? Phil talks about the guy who got hit with a baked potato, Anita Bryant, and Survivor.Hour 2:Phil talks about Survivor (continued), Coyote Ugly, and suspension of disbelief.Hour 3:Dr.Bob Green joins the program, he believes that SIDS insults the intelligence of infants and explains that it’s actually preferable for a child to sleep on its stomach. Raj Faneen believes the recent plane crash in the Persian Gulf was caused by childre

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Wednesday, August 23, 2000

Hour 1:Gay journalist Doug Dannger warns that if Richard Hatch doesn’t win Survivor then gay people across the country will riot. Phil explains why Combover Boy is a thief.Hour 2:”The Tribe Has Spoken” Bob McGraw joins the program, he is manufacturing and selling “Corn Rat” inspired by the Survivor TV show. Bob says 50% of proceeds will go charity but he’s not exactly sure which ones. Phil explains how swearing can sometimes get oHour 3:Publishers Clearing House winner Viola Newberry calls the program to complain that she’s receiving pornographic magazines in the mail. Attorney Harvey Wireman claims that his client Chris Norton had a right to e-mail revealing photos of himself to women a

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Tuesday, August 22, 2000

Hour 1:Brass Villanueva joins the program, he is proposing that the birthday of Caesar Chavez becomes a national holiday but is hazy regarding exactly what he did. Phil talks about a letter sent to him that included photos of aborted fetuses.Hour 2:Phil is joined by Pilot Art Griego, he believes that Flight 800 was brought down by two airline stewardesses with competing diets. Dodger Baseball with Ross Porter & Rick Monday: Dodgers vs. One Legged Female Celebrities.Hour 3:Dave Oliva claims that the LAPD busted the heads of celebrities from AMC, MTV, and The Food Network at the recent Democratic National Convention. Dodger Baseball continues.

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Monday, August 21, 2000

Hour 1:Clara Bingham of Joyful Union Congregation joins the program, she believes Anne Heche needs to become straight again. Clara believes that since since her break-up with Ellen DeGeneres, Miss Heche has been babbling incoherently because she is in desperateHour 2:Larry Grover feels he is living in an unjust world because Clinton gets all the action and he hasn’t seen a woman’s breasts in 4 years. Phil talks about protesters.Hour 3:Margaret Gray is upset over the fact that her son didn’t get the part in the upcoming Harry Potter movie. Phil talks about Stucky’s Pecan Log.

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Friday, August 11, 2000

Hour 1:Travel agent Colleen Kristen Brewster urges Phil’s listeners not to make the huge mistake of trying to book their own vacations. Phil talks about flying.Hour 2:Phil speaks with Chris Norton who will be at the Democratic Convention to meet liberal women more likely to share in his sexuality. Phil talks about Bill Clinton.Hour 3:Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary police joins the program to talk about next weeks Democratic Nation Convention and what measures they’ll be taking to make sure the streets are free of protest.

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