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Monthly Archives: December 2001

Dr Laura Visits The Show – December 2001

From the pre-show prep webcast during December 2001, here’s a clip of Dr. Laura dropping by Phil’s show.

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Friday, December 28, 2001

Hour 1: RERUN of 2001-11-02a TBE. Encouraging Americans to fly again. Hour 2: RERUN of 2001-11-02b JDO. Terrorism and the West Coast. Hour 3: RERUN of 2001-12-12b SBO. Cybersex with a male neighbor.

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Thursday, December 27, 2001

Hour 1: RERUN of 2001-11-01a BDO. Wearing a mask in Janice’s house. Hour 2: RERUN of 2001-11-01b JSA. Intercepting kids Santa letters. Hour 3: RERUN of 2001-11-01c CNO. Giving women some contact.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2001

Hour 1: RERUN of 2001-10-31a HSE. Emmy Awards anthrax. Hour 2: RERUN of 2001-10-31b PRE. Guns and werewolves. Hour 3: RERUN of 2001-10-31c AGR. Empowering the flight attendants.

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Friday, December 21, 2001

Hour 1: Bobbie is forming a support group for the women of husbands who are addicted to pornography. Phil closes talking about basketball broadcaster Chick Hern going in for surgery, Joe Dickhead and The Professor’s NFL Picks. Hour 2: Pastor William Rennick thinks he is being persecuted after getting aroused while laying in a manger. Phil closes chatting about the webcast and takes a few calls. Hour 3: FIRST HALF. Phil talks about athlete criminal charges. Phil uses Britney Spears ‘Oops I Did It Again’ to depict a pooping baby. SECOND HALF. Phil as Santa Claus, takes calls from kids.

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Thursday, December 20, 2001

Hour 1: Vernon Dozier Straight Talk. Vernon believes most American men envy US Taliban John Walker because he ‘took a chance’. Phil closes plugging the webcast. Hour 2: Phil recalls preparing for a TV interview. Phil talks about Las Vegas hotels, Katie Couric, waking up the kids. Takes calls about being searched and discusses searches. Hour 3: FIRST HALF. Alf Baradi is helping WWII veteran widows by having sex with them for money. SECOND HALF. Flashback of 2001-12-19b. Phil rants about Saudi Arabian behavior, plugs the webcast tomorrow, returns to subject of Saudi behavior in Disneyworld hotel.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2001

Hour 1: FIRST HALF. Don Carsey wants his neighbors to pay $2000 to keep a 24-hour emergency room open near his neighborhood in Malibu, which Don needs. A Milk Bottle and a Liver. SECOND HALF. Phil plugs Friday’s webcast, battling LA traffic is tiring, remembers moving cheaply to Atlanta where a family was moving in a hotel and the husband was beating his wife. Phil takes calls. Hour 2: Dean Wheeler thinks that beating servants is normal for the Saudi culture and upper-class households in America. He had a wonderful sexual experience with an older Saudi princess. Phil closes ranting about how the US overlooks Middle East diplomatic license plates. Hour 3: FIRST THIRD. Dave Oliva comments on Pamela Anderson’s custody battle. He says a nude model shouldn’t be a mom. LAST TWO THIRDS. Flashback to Bobbie Dooley 2001-12-18b. Phil talks about a sexy Jehovah’s Witness at the auto service waiting room. Phil on stupid media names.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Hour 1: Bob Green discusses his pamphlet “Tell Her They’re Diamonds, Just In Time For Christmas”. Phil closes talking about womens’ keen eye for diamonds. Maria chastised Phil after she dreamed Phil screwed Helen Hunt. The kids want Grand Theft Auto. Hour 2: Bobbie finds that she is related to Amelia Earhart, so they shouldn’t be searched at the airport. Phil closes talking about Joe Dickhead, his website archives, says they’re off next week, football stadium funding. Hour 3: It’s the Jumpin’ Jovial Johnny Java Show. Johnny talks with Osama. Phil talks about LSD, Taliban fashions, the Wizard of Oz & the Sammi people of Finland. Chef Carl Chodillia shares some Christmas recipes.

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Monday, December 17, 2001

Hour 1: Margaret discusses the rioting of the Cleveland Brown fans. Phil closes talking about the football controversy. Hour 2: SPECIAL. Best of The Year 2001. A showcase of who Phil considered the best guests of 2001. Hour 1. Hour 3: SPECIAL. Best of The Year 2001. A showcase of who Phil considered the best guests of 2001. Hour 2.

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Friday, December 14, 2001

Hour 1: Lloyd Bonafide says SUV drivers and soccer whores are treasonous for consuming Middle East oil, so Lloyd is siphoning gas. A kid rode by on a bike and said “suck it old man!” Phil closes talking about building the website archive, argues with Bud about Nostradamus. Hour 2: RC Collins says that kids want guns for Christmas, and if more kids had guns Columbine wouldn’t have happened. Phil closes talking about how Iwo Jima would compare to now, discusses war perceptions, talks to callers. Hour 3: Joe Dickhead and the Professor with NFL Picks. Phil describes how a drunken Craig Taylor acts at parties, then talks about Lee Hacksaw Hamilton of KFMB. Callers are surprised the show is fake. Phil talks about the Lord of the Rings movie.

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