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Monthly Archives: August 2005

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hour 1:Margaret Gray says Chimpanzees she says “chimponzies”. Phil discusses the fact that Louisiana State University will not let the The New Orleans Saints use their stadium…Phil believes the Saints should play in Los Angeles. Phil plays a listener flashback called Mud out your ass from the Best Of 2003 C.D. R.C. Collins and Lloyd Bonafide are in studio to debate. Lloyd is pissed because R.C. grabbed the back-end of of Lloyd’s R.V. Phil talks about the looting in New Orleans. R.C. and Lloyd are at the Palos Verde Bluff playing chicken. A caller calls the show and is pissed because Phil is not caring for New Orleans victims…Phil says that looter’s in New Orleans have guns.Hour 2:Bob Greene who owns “Bob’s Novelties” says his store has been greatly affected by Hurricane Katrina…Callers are so upset. They tell Bob that he is disgusting and he should not begin to ask for Hurricane relief when there are so many others in need…Phil closes the hour by mentioning he used to go into Joke Novelty Shops.Hour 3:Earl Pants Car Talk…opens the hour and takes questions from callers…What do you do if your Brakes go out is the question of the hour. Phil takes follow up calls from stores on different surveys. Phil discusses the 6 degrees of George Bush, a caller calls in an links Bush to Hitler. Phil Discusses New Orleans and it’s many troubles. He also discusses the fact that the city itself is a very poor town. Hal and Viola call in and tell Phil that Viola ate a cheese log. Phil talks about Radio Website Surveys…and in closing Phil takes a moment to say New Orleans is in Serious trouble tonight.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hour 1Brass Villanueva is on to talk about how he almost drowned and how 2 lifeguards gave him C.P.R. Of course he thinks something was wrong with the way they handled it and says he was double teamed. Callers get annoyed and call Phil and Brass saying he is an idiot for wanting to die rather than receive C.P.R. because he is Mexican. Gabby believes Brass is insecure! Phil closes the hour with what is coming up in the remaining 2 hours.Hour 2Father James McQuarters is on to tell Phil that he allows kids to use foul language on campus until Hurricane Katrina blows over. Listeners believe that Father James lacks respect because he does not demand it or conduct himself in a proper way. Phil plays a flashback of Bob Greene…The 30 Minute Delivery Service.Hour 3Phil believes that they will have to rebuild the levee in New Orleans, and he comments on all the looting going on. Phil reads how Art Garfunkle got busted for pot. Art Griego is on to tell Phil his car was hit by a train. He was fine with car crash, he jumped out. Phil reads more news on Art Garfunkle…the reason he got caught was he had a lit roach in the ash tray. The Mayor of New Orleans believe this just may be the end to this city. David G. Hall calls complaining and tells Phil not to say “Pounding Canals.” Phil discusses the Bobbie Dooley Marathon for labor day, and he openly discusses things that happen to him but nobody else. Phil gives Wayne Roberts movie a plug in the final hour!

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Hour 1Bobbie Dooley is at California Adventure and calls in to talk to Phil. Her husband Steve is on a rollercoaster. Bobbie takes this opportunity to promote the Labor Day Bobbie Dooley Marathon and the New Bobbie Dooley Blog on the website. Phil talks about what is coming up on the show and how there was a death on a rollercoaster recently. Phil plays a listener flashback called “Sylvia knows jujutsu”, and discusses the top rollercoaster’s in America. Margaret Gray calls in from Crawford, Texas. She says Martin Sheen and Cindy Sheehan are related. She begins singing and when she is done an air strike ensues. Phil talks about his friend DJ who was in Vietnam and how he would map terrain. In the news Phil talks bout how Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Bud Dickman comes on to tell Phil that is must be smelly in the Superdome because of all the “Brothers.” David Hall phones in and says Thailand isn’t giving relief for the hurricane because of Phil.Hour 2Brad Rifkin comes on to tell Phil the school does not want him to carpool. He also tells Phil it is because he keeps harassing a boy in the carpool. Callers phone in and tell Brad he is a bully, and says it is not nice. One callers goes so far as to say he belongs in jail.Hour 3Phil reads e-mail and tells the listeners how he is reading a book on Stalingrad, and discusses his blog. Phil talks about how an oil rig came off of its moorings due to Hurricane Katrina. Margaret Gray sings so vain and falls down the stairs. Ted Bell joins Phil promoting his buckwheat potato, and he is also mad that Phil played the Little Rascals theme because of the buckwheat potato. Frank Gray joins Phil to talk about Hurricane Katrina…Phil talks about how Fillmore Middle the pilot may get picked up.

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Friday, August 26, 2005

Hour 1:Steve Bosell approached a woman in a restaurant because he thought she was interested in him.Hour 2:Art Griego showed the “Castaway” movie unedited on a charter flight. Listeners call mad that he did that considering he is a pilot…questioning his license.Hour 3:Bobbi Dooly talks with Phil about the latest teenage craze of “Dusting” while her husband, Steve, uses Dust Off in the background and listens to Pink Floyd….

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hour 1:Phil talks about his back, his washing machine, and his wife and kids. Bob Greene had a pub crawl business that was ruined by one man who wouldn’t get back onto the bus. Harriet calls from Air America and can’t figure out why there’s a delay on her radio.Hour 2:Clara Bingham joins us from “Parents Who Are There.” Clara is a nanny who feels she has the right to hit the kid because she’s been around him more than his parents.Hour 3:Phil explains why his show is more progressive than any Air America station. Father James McQuarters recalls Phil’s wedding day, then turns black when the music goes away. Margaret will take Saddam Hussein’s last two days before he got caught and make a soap opera out of it. Phil reads some news and some e-mail. Bobbie Dooley promotes her new blog and Jeff Dowder is in hurricane Katrina.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hour 1:Bob Green of Frazer Foods is disappointed that he couldn’t get any media coverage for his assistance to the homeless and elderly during the recent heat wave…..Hour 2:Dean Wheeler, running for office in the San Francisco Bay area tells Phil his “Kick-Off-The-Campaign” barbecue needs some blacks folks in attendance to show “those rumors about me not liking black people” aren’t true……..Hour 3:Steve Bosell is suing Coppertone because Roy Hutchins saw it dripping from his wife’s face and decided to make a joke.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Hour 1:Phil reads some news. Mavis Leonard is on an F-16 jetfighter on her way to Barbados. Phil talks about meeting Lou Dobbs.Hour 2:Jay Santos & the Citizens Auxiliary Police are visiting elementary schools in Southern California to talk to young people about safety and crime. This presentation includes a simulation of a drug hallucination where Jay removes all of his clothing.Hour 3:Producer Tony Neal is on to talk about a new reality show called “Escape From Fashion Island” where college students compete to successfully abduct children from a mall to win a million dollars. Tony says the show will educate people about child abduction.

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Monday, August 22, 2005

Hour 1:Margaret Gray wants servers to stop looking at her when they wait on her.Hour 2:Dr.Jim Sadler refused to give teeth whitening treatment to African Americans.Hour 3:Phil talks about taking his boys out to lunch, season tickets to UC Davis. A caller wants to know what Phil thinks of a Charles Manson stamp. Phil talks about Ted Nugent and the Rolling Stones.

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Friday, August 19, 2005

Hour 1:Margaret Gray is on with Phil while hiding in a bunker with Cindy Sheehan. She is hiding there so Phil will not call in an Air strike. She begins to sing “Where Have All the Flowers Gone.” She receives a telegram and she is blown up. Phil talks about Pre-season football and how he used to have Rams Season Tickets. Phil said the last time he attended a football game he got into a fight at a New York Giants game. Monday Night Bees starring Woody Allen. He is trying to defend himself from bees. Sam calls in to ask Phil why Peter Jennings is not on T.V. anymore. Ted Williams Head confirms Peter Jennings is dead. He claims that Peter’s head is in a jar next to his.Hour 2:Bobbie Dooley joins Phil to talk about Mother’s With Answers. She believes it is ok for kids to fit in with kids who smoke as long as they do not inhale. Callers call in mad and think she is a poor example and that she is only teaching her kids that it is o.k. to smoke. Some callers go as far to say that she is endangering the lives of her kids and that it is a crime.Hour 3:Rudy Canosa is on with Phil and begins to play the fog horn. He says he plays it when fat women enter the store…and says he plays the gong when Chinese women come in. Phil reads the news and discovers is selling sex toys…and other items. Phil mentions his blog and says he will not do politics. Phil talks about swimming in the ocean at night…and gives a tequila update. Hal & Viola call in to talk to Phil about National Aviation Day. As they are talking they crash into he Fuji blimp. Herb Sewell is on to talk to Phil while at Chuck E. Cheese. Herb is child molester and not allowed to be near kids. But he claims Chuck E. Cheese has thee best pizza.

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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Hour 1Brad Rifkin is on with Phil to talk about his clothing line BTK…Big Tall Kids. Callers are outraged he could even think of naming it that because of what is happening with the BTK killer. During the show Brad Rifkin throws out George Dunham’s name of the Dunham and Miller show in Dallas. A caller calls in defending the Dunham and Miller show and Phil asks Harry to call George. George Dunham comes on with Phil and insanity ensues.Hour 2Phil does flashback of one of his shows while he was on in Miami called “How Wife Lose Weight”. Tony Neal comes on to tell Phil he has a new reality show called…J.C. And basis his show on how Jesus would relate to us today? Callers are upset and call it Blasphemy. Phil talks about the BTK Killer and how he was sentenced.Hour 3Larry Grover is on and claims Chris Norton is sexually harassing him because he reports to work with a spring in his step. Callers believe Larry can’t handle rejection, and believe he is the cause of the problem. Margaret Gray is on reporting from Crawford Texas. She has Cindy Sheehan the “Bush Protestor” on with her. Everyone is in shock and awe. Dr Jim Sadler joins Phil and tells him he wants to dig up dead bodies to preserve fossil fuels…L.A. Times reports Star Trek Fans are child molesters.

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