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Monthly Archives: September 2005

Friday, September 30, 2005

Hour 1:Chris Norton is on to talk about shooting his film “Fahrenheit 69.” He is upset that he was asked by the local fire department to evacuate during his porn shoot. Chris believes he should be reimbursed for the interruption. Callers get upset with Chris claiming he should not be reimbursed because the fire department was acting on procedure. Lloyd Bonafide calls in and is upset with Chris’ sex film. Lloyd’s daughter got into porn and she came home with sores.Hour 2:David Hall is on to make Phil tell everyone about the books he is reading. David believes this will prove Phil is out of touch. Listeners think David is an idiot and tell Phil he can read whatever he wants. Don Berman joins Phil to talk about the fire mask he is wearing because of the fire. Phil cannot understand Don but Bud can. Ted Williams Head is on to discuss steroids. Phil and Bud make head jokes.Hour 3:Art Griego is on with Phil to discuss the fires. He used to be a fire fighter. He says he would let some fires just burn. Callers believe Art is a racist and an absolute idiot. R.C. Collins is on to discuss Bill Bennett. Bill Bennett said if you abort all the black babies there would be less crime. Bud agrees.

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hour 1:Brad Rifkin comes on to tell Phil the school does not want him to carpool. He also tells Phil it is because he keeps harassing a boy in the carpool. Callers phone in and tell Brad he is a bully, and says it is not nice. One callers goes so far as to say he belongs in jail.Hour 2:Brass Villanueva is on to talk about how he almost drowned and how 2 lifeguards gave him C.P.R. Of course he thinks something was wrong with the way they handled it and says he was double teamed. Callers get annoyed and call Phil and Brass saying he is an idiot for wanting to die rather than receive C.P.R. because he is Mexican. Gabby believes Brass is insecure! Phil closes the hour with what is coming up in the remaining 2 hours.Hour 3:High School football coach Vernon Dozier is putting steroids in his players smoothies without them knowing.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hour 1:Phil recalls a story of a kid who he knew who hung himself. Love Songs with Chris Pootay. Phil takes a call from R.C.Collins. Phil talks about Howard Stern leaving radio for Satellite in 3 months. Bud Dickman plays Porky Pig sound fx when Phil stumbles over his words. Margaret Gray joins the program with Harvey Wireman and Lloyd Bonifide to discuss Air America. Margaret & Harvey sing “I’d like to teach the world to sing”Hour 2:Phil reads a news story about the Boomtown Rats song “I don’t like Mondays” Frank “still vertical” Gray recalls stories of his days in Hollywood and as usual, gets his genders mixed up. Father McQuarters admits he’s an alcoholic and says he may hang himself.Hour 3:Jay Santos and the Citizens Auxiliary police are patrolling the scene of the Southern California flames looking for “fire bugs”, the kind people that start fires.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hour 1:Justin McAlroy is driving without a license on the air to protest the fact that the underaged are being discriminated against. Callers are outraged and believe Justin should respect the privilege.Hour 2:Lloyd Bonafide calls in to tell Phil he went to an open mic night and got into an altercation with a young asian boy. Callers think Lloyd overreacted because they too have been yelled at during an open mic night. Phil plays a listener flashback called “Looking in the Bathroom stalls” featuring Jay Santos from 7-16-02.Hour 3:Phil has a special guest in the studio tonight..Peter Sarafinavich. Phil’s son Chris is learning to drive. Phil talks about how the Catholic school kids are selling magazines for their school. David G. Hall interrupts Phil asking Bud to play Porky Pig SFX when Phil stutters. Phil talks about role playing games and talks about the Godfather Movies. In the news Phil discusses the riots in Liverpool. Phil closes the show discussing the New C.D. and how he is giving up smoking on the 24th.

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Monday, September 26, 2005

Hour 1:Phil opens the show discussing his Sunday night. He says he ate a tub of pudding and watched Desperate Housewives! David and Bud make fun of Phil because he stumbled over his words. Phil discussed his brunch on Sunday morning with the Fillmore Middle cast. Phil plays a listener flashback called Spanish Sportscast from 9-14-04. Margaret Gray joins Phil, she is on a train. She is returning from the Anti-War Protest. Margaret Gray sings “American Idiot” by Green Day. Phil asks the question “where does money from the hurricane really go?” Phil discusses the L.A. Radio People Poll. He was ranked # 10. Phil reads e-mail from his listeners. Phil talks about how he heard from Coach Jaggs.Hour 2:Ted Bell is on with Phil and he is upset. Peter Maddox the cancer patient lived. Ted donated money to him thinking he was terminal. Callers believe he is an idiot for asking for the money back. One caller tells Ted that he has no idea what kids with cancer have to go through.Hour 3:Pastor William Rennick surprises Phil with singing Hot Chocolate’s “You Sexy Thing.” Phil discusses e-mail and how a lot is going on with the show. Phil discusses gas prices and how he is spending $60 a week. Phil says Starband is a horrible company. Phil talks about how the weatherman says Hurricane Katrina was made by Japanese Yakoza. Lloyd Bonafide joins Phil and tells him that Thomas Jefferson had relations with his negro maid. At the close of the show Phil discusses how Lyndie England was found guilty of War Crimes.

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Friday, September 23, 2005

Hour 1:Bobbie Dooley joins Phil to talk about Mother’s With Answers. She believes it is ok for kids to fit in with kids who smoke as long as they do not inhale. Callers call in mad and think she is a poor example and that she is only teaching her kids that it is o.k. to smoke. Some callers go as far to say that she is endangering the lives of her kids and that it is a crime.Hour 2:Producer Tony Neal is on to talk about a new reality show called “Escape From Fashion Island” where college students compete to successfully abduct children from a mall to win a million dollars. Tony says the show will educate people about child abduction.Hour 3:Margaret Gray wants servers to stop looking at her when they wait on her.

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hour 1:Channel 19 News anchor Don Berman is upset that the Jet Blue pilot wouldn’t talk to the press. Don wanted to see the landing gear collapse.Hour 2:Bob Greene is blaming Greta Van Susteren for his loss in Natalie Holloway t-shirt sales.Hour 3:Phil tries to list the best songs since 1960 and takes calls from Lloyd, Mavis, Hal & Viola, Bobbie Dooley, and Margaret. Phil talks about how he will be reading to Compton kids tomorrow, past hurricanes, and his kids.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hour 1Phil is on tonight discussing the Jet Blue Airlines emergency landing at LAX. In the news it is believed the plane had bad landing gear. The Pilot had a flawless landing. Phil also tells his audience if he lived in an area known to be hit by hurricane’s that he would build a bunker to protect him and his family. R.C. Collins comes on and tells Phil a bunker is ok if thee was to be no flooding. Phil plays a listener flashback called Don’t Loose Your Head, Vote For Kerry! In the news Phil discusses how Houston evacuates in preparation for Hurricane Rita. Margaret Gray is on to ask if Phil will be at “Stop The War Crimes of George W. Bush Fashion and Buffet show. Frank comes through the phone and kicks Phil’s butt! Phil openly discusses the Abu Graib scandal. Phil is upset and wonders what happened to the Natalie Holloway case. David G. Hall interrupts Phil’s show and says that with all the breaking news, he wants Laurel and Hardy’s theme played.Hour 2Phil discusses the earthquake and hurricane damage done by the flooding and fires. Herb Sewell tells Phil he wants to get in contact with the Jet Blue pilot. Pastor Rennick calls in and discusses magazines such as FHM and Maxim. He sings “Fire”. Phil discusses Passive/Aggressive people. Phil has Chris Pootay on to take love song requests.Hour 3Jeff Dowder is on, he has advised people not to flee Texas because of Hurricane Rita…he believes the hurricane thrives off of fear.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hour 1Dr Jim Sadler is on to talk about why he put a vibrator in his nephew’s back. He says he did it because his son traded the lunch he made especially for him with his nephew. Callers are outraged about the use of a vibrator on a kid, and they believe Dr Jim Sadler is a immature jerk. One callers believe Dr Jim Sadler did this to humiliate the child.Hour 2Vernon Dozier is on to talk about how he challenged his students to raise $5,000 for hurricane relief. The deal he made was that if the kids raised the money he would shave his handle bar mustache…He didn’t shave it. Callers believe he needs to shave it because it is a matter of integrity…one callers believe he put his word on the line.Hour 3Bud Dickman is on and he tells Phil he believes Phil will star with Kelly Rippa. He cracks a joke calling Phil “Philbin Hendrie”. Phil openly discusses Fillmore Middle and the cast. Phil discusses how he and Maria’s marriage is non-traditional. He thinks they may buy two houses. Phil tells everyone he is giving up smoking on the 24th. Phil plays a listener flashback…the Chris Norton Porn Movie. Kay calls in to tell Phil how she went back to see her house in New Orleans after evacuating. Phil reviews Sexy Beast with Ben Lingsly…Phil ends the show discussing how the Hurricane Center may run out of names.

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Monday, September 19, 2005

Hour 1Phil opens the show talking about how U.C. Davis beat Stanford. He talks about how Katherine drove him nuts this weekend with her shoelaces. Phil plays Bud Gets Fired as the listener flashback. Phil get’s personal…discussing how him and Maria went to dinner with a couple they did not know. is asking for donations for their t.v. ads. Ted Bell calls in reporting about the Emmy’s. He is mad at Phil…he thinks Phil should have been there considering he does work for NBC. Frank Gray is on mixing it up once again. He gets genders confused with his football picks. 3rd week in September makes Frank use 3rd person female. Phil discusses teenage sex…whether they’re having it or not. Phil reads an e-mail from his listener where he torched his leg while tuning into Phil.Hour 2Jay Santos is on to talk to Phil about how he stops teenage girls and asks them if they have bisexual tendencies. Listeners are outraged and offended that Jay would even stoop to that level.Hour 3Phil goes on a rant about and plugs the website. Phil talks about how Oct. 25th is when Fillmore Middle will begin shooting. Phil discusses driving to work with his Italian Opera Music blasting. Phil believe this country has lost its mind…he plans to move to Ireland…No Mayors and No Governors. Phil believes New Orleans is corrupt…Phil says he is going to get a rice rocket.

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