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Monthly Archives: October 2005

Monday, October 31, 2005

Hour 1:Gaylan Hall is on with Phil. He tells Phil that he takes pictures of 5-10 year olds girls as a hobby. Callers believe Gaylan is a pervert and one step away from being a molester.Hour 2:Dave Oliva is on because he watches horror movies as a training tool, to become part of the L.A.P.D. Listeners believe that Dave lacks maturity and should never become part of the L.A.P.D.Hour 3:Chris Norton comes on with Phil to discuss the picture of Sara Shahi on the Phil Hendrie Website. He asks Phil if he thinks he can turn lesbians straight. Vernon Dozier calls in mad at Phil. Phil made fun of dairy workers, so he has a petting zone.

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Friday, October 28, 2005

Hour 1:Reverend John William Gunt says women are no good for anything. Phil and Bud talk about Philip Lynott. Phil talks about “Teachers” and plugs My Friends Place. NFL Radical: the Italian, the Jew, and the Pollack give NFL picks for week 8. R.C.Collins isn’t sure if the NFL Radical bit was funny. Skippy and Frank discuss Coast to Coast.Hour 2:Lloyd Bonifide wants to promote castilian at the Senior Center. Jeff Dowder calls in and tells Phil he should be taking about castilians. When Phil got his vasectomy, he was reading Beavis & Butthead. Barbershop owner is upset that the man that played Zulu came out of the closet.Hour 3:Steve Bosell attends a church Halloween event dressed as a member of the Klu Klux Klan.

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hour One:Bob Green of Frazier Foods demotes a checker when she makes fun of his new “hair system,” calling it a wig instead.Hour Two:Justin McAlroy is driving without a license on the air to protest the fact that the underaged are being discriminated against. Callers are outraged and believe Justin should respect the privilege.Hour Three:Vernon Dozier is on to talk about how he challenged his students to raise $5,000 for hurricane relief. The deal he made was that if the kids raised the money he would shave his handle bar mustache…He didn’t shave it. Callers believe he needs to shave it because it is a matter of integrity…one callers believe he put his word on the line.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Hour 1:Jay Santos is on to talk to Phil about how he stops teenage girls and asks them if they have bisexual tendencies. Listeners are outraged and offended that Jay would even stoop to that level.Hour 2:Raj Faneen is on with Phil tonight to talk about his recent trip to Disneyland. He went on The Jungle Cruise ride…he felt offended by the attendants comments. Callers are outraged that he took the comments personal…Raj believes he speaks on behalf of all Arab-Americans.Hour 3:Austin Amarca is on with Phil discussing how his brother died in Hurricane Andrew. He feels Katrina was coming for him because Andrew took his brother. Callers are outraged and think Austin is stupid and is not using his brain. One caller is so upset that Austin is capitalizing on National Disasters.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hour 1:Brad Rifkin is on to tell Phil about his new Halloween costume he created. It’s none other than Rosa Parks. He created it to teach and educate young black kids on who she was. Callers are outraged and believe what Brad is doing is tasteless.Hour 2:Dr. Jim Sadler is on because he went to a costume party that he was not invited to. He dressed in a bunny costume.Hour 3:Phil plays a listener flashback from 9/23/03 called Jerry Lewis is a Monster featuring Steve Bosell. The Combover Boy Show comes on because he is having sex with his grandmother. Father McQuarters calls in because he heard Phil did a rib job on Combover Boy. He is upset with Phil because he has a combover 101 bumper sticker. Phil closes the show. He sounds hollow while Bud sounds normal. Phil’s in a heap and the SFX machine is on.

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Monday, October 24, 2005

Hour 1:Phil opens the show with a listener flashback called “Please Hang Up” from the 1997 Best of CD. Jeff Dowder joins Phil because he thinks Phil was talking about one ear being hotter than the other. He is excited to tell Phil that the monks that transcribed The Bible also made Pilsner beer. Lloyd Bonafide calls in and tells Phil he created a new cologne. His scent you ask? Booze scented cologne. He thinks it will make cops look foolish when giving breathalyzers. Harvey Wireman joins Phil and Lloyd and begins commenting on the idea. Lloyd and Harvey begin to argue. Father James McQuarters…starts sniffing around, and wonders what it is he smells. He says it’s the Bay Area football. Frank Gray calls in and tells Phil he went to a black barber shop to see if he could get his hair cut, he wanted it cut like Steve Harvey. His gender confusion get’s the best of him.Hour 2:Dean Wheeler is on to discuss his Goth daughters. He thinks if you dress like Superman on Halloween it disrespects Goth kids. Most callers agree that Dean is a bad parent and needs to grow up.Hour 3:R.C. Collins explains how he is is use to Goth. Bar Sinister is a Goth bar. Denzel Fresh is on with his “Jazz Encounter.” Jeff Dowder is on E-bay. He notices someone is selling Phil’s Best Of CD. on e-bay…it happens to be a copy. Jeff notices there is a lot of stuff showcased on e-bay regarding Phil.

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Friday, October 21, 2005

Hour 1:Jim Zarkanian is on the show because he is selling beach front property in Mobile, Alabama. He wants the government to reimburse him for his losses. Callers are outraged because he brought California prices to Alabama and is now asking for the reimbursement of a home that cost $2.1 million.Hour 2:Father James McQuarters calls in and scares Phil with his Halloween stories, but after all that he blesses Phil for his upcoming T.V. show. The T.V. show’s name has been changed to “Teachers” and will air on NBC. Phil plays a flashback called “Dirty Panties” off of the Best of 2003 C.D. Phil mentions he wants to put on 20-30 pounds for the T.V. show and Dr. Vick Needman calls in. He agrees that Phil should put on the weight, but he also says that Phil will need discipline to put on the weight. Bob Bakian who is live over Hollywood, says Porky Pig has died due to emphysema..he retracts it and says he meant to say Gordon Lee of the Little Rascals. Rudy Canosa is on with Phil to tell him why he does not have to pay for lap dances. Mavis Leonard tells Phil that hockey is racist. The puck is always black.Hour 3:Bob Greene is on because he wants to join with I-Pod so he can download porn….this way he can watch it in his car.Women call in mad because they believe Bob has no experience with women.

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Hour 1:Don Parsley is on tonight claiming he rescued a deaf girl from a burning building. David G. Hall calls in and asks Phil…”is your material going to be as bad as your Don Parsley bit for the next 6 weeks?” He only mentions it as Phil will be rehearsing and filming Fillmore Middle for the next 6 weeks. You will have to tune in to see if what David thinks is true or whether Phil the comedy genius will pull it off.Hour 2:R.C. Collins wants to be in the 101st Airborne. But R.C. does not want to stop wearing his earrings…and for sure does not want to stop dying his hair. Listeners are outraged as they believe R.C. needs to grow up and follow the rules. Many people think R.C. won’t last a week.Hour 3:Phil plays a listener flashback off the Best of 2000 C.D. called Greenskeeper. Dean Wheeler comes on the show because of his new job. He is a telemarketer. He thinks people enjoy receiving calls at night, interrupting their family time.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hour 1:Chris Pootay’s Love Songs is coming thru the airwaves…he’s taking love song requests. Chris decided to make is intern change his flat tire. David G. Hall calls in asking Phil why he starts a show with depressing stories. He tells Phil that his dad threw a fork at his mom…so David decides to get even and sends Dr. Toins to zap Phil.Hour 2:Margaret Gray is on to discuss her new book “Game Over” In her book she tells her readers that women who get plastic surgery are desperate to get laid. Women are outraged and mad that Margaret would say such a thing.Hour 3:Dave Oliva is on to tell Phil he is tired of the stupid auto responder. Dave thinks it is impersonal. Billy Johnson and Tom are on tonight. Bill is outgoing, and Tom is depressed…funny thing is they are on air host of a sports show.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hour 1:Phil welcomes Brad Rifkin to the show. He tells Phil and the audience that he can Photoshop women’s pictures to show men what they look like when they are naked. Women callers are outraged calling him a digital peeping Tom, and believe all he is doing is encouraging women to be treated like sex objects.Hour 2:Ted Bell is on to discuss driving thru puddles. He tells Phil that he drove thru a pond to splash a kid just to impress his son. Callers think Ted is cruel and think there are far more better ways to bond with his son.Hour 3:Sing Radio with Dr. Bob Fitzgibbons Health Show is on. He sings to “Superstition.” Phil plays a listener flashback called “Danger On The Front Lines of Iraq” from 11/11/04. Jeff Dowder calls in to talk about the Bohemian Grove. He believe George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld belong to it. He believes they burn stuff in a forest.

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