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Monthly Archives: December 2005

Friday, December 30, 2005

Hour 1:Steve Bosell started taking magic lessons via mail-order so he could work kids birthday parties on weekends. He goes to these kid’s parties as “Magic Steve” and does his thing but the kids tell him he sucks and would rather play in the bounce house. Steve decides to sue the mother and father that hosted one of these parties because since kids are minors “they don’t have the constitutional right to free speech.”Hour 2:Bobbie and Steve Dooley are on to talk about the annual candy bar sale and magazine subscription drive at their kids school. This year, Bobbi wants some of the money raised to be used for her and Steve to take a “working vacation” in Mexico. Bobbi wants the kids to get out there and really sell so she uses, as their motivational symbol, the pine cone (please reference Mepham High School, Long Island, New York, hazing incident, 2003)Hour 3:Larry Grover of Conservatives of Kern County joins the program to discuss the topic of aging parents and the decision to put them in an assisted living facility. Larry utilizes something called “Accelerated Awareness” which introduces the elderly person gradually and compassionately to realities that are going to be facing them when they become afflicted with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Hour 1:Tony runs some adult websites with child-oriented names…but says blame the parents and the churches if kids get a glimpse of his smut.Hour 2:Brass Villenueva is a valet at a swank West Los Angeles restuarant. He says that once you give him the keys to your car, he can, by law, use the car to “get a bucket at KFC or a sandwich….but only if it was an emergency.”Hour 3:Jay Santos is going to restaurants on the lookout for people who might be looking to pull a “dine and ditch.”

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Hour 1:Ted is offering etiquette classes at his steak house but doesn’t think Phil’s listeners are advanced enough to take them.Hour 2:Neil Ilia is on to discuss his filming of fires. Recently while he was filming a burning house a man ran out and Neil did not bother to help him. See what happens when callers are outraged by his actions, and they begin to get upset.Hour 3:Dave Oliva is a waiter at the Grand Junction Steak House in Westwood. he is also studying to be a LAPD officer. He uses “law enforcement procedure” at the restaurant by telling people to stack their dishes nicely before he brings the check. If they don’t, he follows them to door and says “hey man, nice job stacking those dishes.”

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Hour 1:Mr. Bonafide had to manhandle a female driver to get his point across regarding the proper amount of space needed for RV drivers in rainy weather.Hour 2:Chris Norton introduces his new service “Dream Date.” If you are a high school girl who ordinarily doesn’t get invited to proms, he’ll be your date complete with limo, dinner, and as you exit the limo for the prom, smoke “like you’re walking out of hell.” Chris prices on a sliding scale. The more “challenging” the date, the more expensive. How much to date Terri Schiavo? According to Chris, “four figures.”Hour 3:Bob Green, owner of Frazier Foods, is, once again, being sued for sexual harassment; this time by a group of female customers who claim that, over the years, he has engaged in suggestive behavior. Their claims included an accusation that he had “Ladies Shopping Day” where he would offer free popscicles to women at the door and then photograph them throughout the store sucking on them.

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Monday, December 26, 2005

Hour 1:Father James McQuarters wants to have kids on stage naked performing Genesis in the school play…He feels that it is ok as this is the way the Bible tells the story, but parents are outraged and believe he is a pervert.Hour 2:RC Collins of Bradley Military Academy doesn’t think it’s fair that cadets can’t blow off steam by getting into bar fights like Marines can. He and some other cadets want to be able to turn over garbage cans and shove toilet paper down the toilet to blow off steam and show the “civilians” that they are to be respected.Hour 3:Vernon Dozier is on to promote his book, The Wages of Sin: Surviving Road Rage. Vernon says through Jesus and therapy he is cured of road rage……except when he sees women using hands-free cell phones, flossing their teeth or putting on make-up while driving. He feels emasculated.

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Friday, December 23, 2005

Hour 1:Phil says what’s coming up on the program. Phil reads some news, R.C.Collins calls in on Hawaii. Phil talks about Billy’s Nuts and takes a call from Ted Bell and program director David G.Hall. Phil talks about Reuben’s Red Hots, Paul Harvey, and reads some e-mails.Hour 2:Rudy Canosa of Je T’aime Lingerie joins the program to talk about his honesty policy, he doesn’t sell lingerie to women that look like a clown wearing it. Phil reads some e-mails and talks about mp3’s, music royalties, and Bill O’Reilly.Hour 3:Bob Bakian joins the program with some breaking news. Phil talks about X-mas, last nights webcast, working on holidays, his wife Maria, Tony Dungy. the website, and the mob.

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hour 1:Channel 19 news anchor Don Berman was terminated from his job after he had an affair with a high school girl. He says that if people don’t write letters to the station demanding he be reinstated then the will go on the air and tell everyone that there’s no Santa Claus.Hour 2:Steve Bosell dressed up as Joseph in a X-mas pageant. Roy Hutchins laughed and called him King Tut. Steve retaliated by telling Roy’s daughter that she’s adopted.Hour 3:The Phil Hendrie Show presents… Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol”. Phil plays the infamous “Nog Lip” flashback and takes some calls.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Hour 1:Margaret Gray in on the program with her annual X-mas protest, Rudy Canosa joins her as they sing “Deck the Halls.” Phil talks about how he’s been coming in to work a little later than usual. Jim Sadler claims Phil said the script for “Teachers” was stupid when he first read it. Combover Boy’s website has a chatroom, Phil’s listeners have been jamming it. Harvey Wireman promotes “A Christmas Carol” which will be performed on tomorrows webcast. Frank Gray has gender confusion while talking about David Fernish, Elton John’s husband.Hour 2:Ted Bell of Ted’s of Beverly Hills had to fire an employee after a sexual harassment claim in regards to an inappropriate gift given at their company Secret Santa gift exchange. Phil talks about Saddam Hussein and Mancow.Hour 3:Chris Pootay’s Love Songs: Chris freaks out when he takes a call from a woman he met at a signing. Phil reads some e-mail. Gaylan Shaw is looking for TV shows that families can enjoy and shares his feelings on interracial relationships. Phil enjoys some character quotes and talks about Cheaper by the Dozen 2. Bud Dickman says too many blacks and gays at the Academy Awards. Jeff Dowder calls in to discuss Bonnie Hunt.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Hour 1:Bob Greene joins Phil tonight to discuss how he monitors his employees e-mail. See what happens when listeners are outraged by Bob’s actions…and Margaret Gray tries to help a caller figure out if Bob Greene is a fraud.Hour 2:Margaret Gray calls in to discuss Tookie Williams’ funeral. She believes George W. Bush blew it by not showing up. Phil plays a flashback called “flaming baby Jesus,” featuring Pastor Rennick from 12/11/01.Hour 3:Steve Bosell calls in after he went to the dentist. See what happens when he tells Phil that he thought the hygienist was attractive…and what he did next.

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Monday, December 19, 2005

Hour 1:Vernon Dozier’s wife has been in a coma for the last 2 years. He wants to honor her families wishes by keeping the feeding tube in her but the bills are piling up and he has recently started dating a 30 something flight attendant/tennis player who is “high maintenance.”Hour 2:Michael, a convicted sex offender, calls in to talk with Phil about the sex offender website. He is upset his daughter saw him on it, he never gave consent to have his picture publicized and now wants to sue the State of California for posting his photo and his location.Hour 3:Chris Norton is on to discuss his latest idea: How to please your wife like you are still a single man. His theory is if you leave magazines out, detailing your sexual interests may do the trick.

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