A Phil Hendrie Summer Movie Stiff, “Sisters of Death.”

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On the Blows-a-Meter, a 12

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    Forget that review. I just watched it at that online address. I don't think they watched the movie as most of it deals with the doctor's telepathic connection to Donovan's brain, not just the end. I thought it was pretty good. The brain was sort of a cheesy effect. Nancy Reagan was good but her character was very 1950's. The ending was kind of lame how they made sure we knew the doctor was going to be punished for his mistakes even though he was not himself at the time.

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    Donovan's Brain looks sort of cool. This review and synopsis says it is good science but falls apart in the end when they try telepathy to talk with the brain:

    It looks like you can watch the movie online for free here:

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    Is anyone familiar with the movie "Donovan's Brain"?

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    Looks like they're wearing Rudy Canoza's "Sun Veil"!

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    Found this page that does a hilarious job of reviewing this turd. MST3K should have done this one:

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