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Get backstage with Phil Hendrie once again by becoming a Backstage Pass Member. You’ll get immediate access to every show Phil has delivered since he became a nationally syndicated radio host, commercial free, private email access to Phil, plus new exclusive extras:

Daily Videocasts, Video Archive and Daily Show downloads

Pretty much what it says. Check in everyday for a live video of the show or a video and audio version of last nights show. Audio downloads of each nights show available

Phresh Phil Philcasts & Webisodes

Just like podcasts, but better. Philcasts are new, uncut, uncensored downloads right from Phil’s brain, through his mouth (usually), to your ears. Stream them, download them, keep them and collect them. Current events, thoughts large and small, visits from guests, and much more. Plus animated and live performance webisodes.

Classic Phil

Deep in the vaults, behind the yearbooks and dusty LPs, lie a treasure trove of never before heard Phil Hendrie. Well, not never before. Never before heard by you. Probably. Unless you’ve listened to every stinkin’ show already. Put it this way: It’s Classic, it’s Phil, it’s funnier than Hell. Some will be downloadable, some will be streamable. All will cause spontaneous incontinence.

Secret Phil

Locked in a bunker with General Jameson are a group of hardcore geeks toiling 24/7 to bring you Phil as you have never seen him before. Since we pay them almost nothing and they subsist on Cheetos and Mountain Dew, it may be a month or two before their work goes public. But when it does… watch out, brother.

Only $9.99 a month, $44.99 a six pack, or $79.99 a year. Much cheaper than porn.

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    Cannot figure out how to access all then backstage pass offers. only the day podcasts, which I had access to before joining. What’s the secret to accessing backstage pass material?

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    Andrew Duggan

    Thanks Phil, I’ve been listening to you selling shit for two days now, cept I can’t qualify as I’m disqualified because I’m a PAID subscriber. Total douche bs.

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