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    Didn't think I'd like this more than the original but ended up really digging it. Well worth the $5.00 I payed for the matinee.

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    I don't think you can improve on john wayne

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    The original was much better in my opinion. Jeff Bridges just doesn't have the voice; he's got a young guy's voice trying to sound old and gruff. It just doesn't work. But, the girl was much better looking than the girl playing the role in the original and although I despise Matt Damon, I actually liked his character in the movie. I'd give it a 7 out of 10. And what was up with the dialect, is that really the way people talked back then?

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    Yeah redoing Duke is a tall order for sure. I felt the same about the remaking of Sabrina. You have to be *really* good to go toe to toe with the great ones.

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    I think I expected more out of it given the rave reviews, it was a solid 7.5 out of 10 for sure, but one thing I do know: Jeff Bridges picked this thing up out the sewer.

    Then you consider that Jeff is in two big movies at once out now: this and Tron, well the guy is a workhorse.

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    Saw it last night – thoroughly enjoyable straightforward movie show.

    Love all that antique syntax – makes us miss Deadwood all the more.

    Agree with PH – Barry Pepper makes a big impression with very few lines. But of course everyone was fine in it.

    Just one quibble – what kind of rattlesnakes quietly, slowly crawl toward you after jamming your hand into a nested coil of them ? wtf

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    Not gonna waste my time. Can`t improve on THE DUKE.

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    Love this movie

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    I'll just assume that's three gay thumbs "up". Planning on seeing this tomorrow.

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    I look forward to seeing this soon…

    Btw, got my personalized, autographed copy of your Best of 2000 cd. You're the best Phil, have a happy new year!

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