From “‘Beyonce-colored, not darker, not lighter’ – at all times. That seemed to be the quote of the episode, according to Twitter.”

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After Jess realizes she’s sort of living with Fancyman, er Russell, she decides that the two of them should spend the weekend at her place.

She asks the guys to be normal when Russell comes over, so naturally his stay was filled with awkward moments.

Winston landed an interview to be a research assistant for a sports radio host played by Phil Hendrie, who turns out to be a huge jerk. Former NBA player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar works at the radio station, and slides Winston a note that warns him to “get out” and that he “will die” there.

Of course, he gets the job and finds himself getting yelled at by his new boss … a lot. One of his boss’s demands: Keep his fridge stocked with six milkshakes – “Beyonce-colored, not darker, not lighter” – at all times. That seemed to be the quote of the episode, according to Twitter.

Winston wanted to quit being a research assistant and focus on being a nanny, but Elvin sabotaged him by telling his mom that Winston said he’s going to smoke weed when they go to the park. It was sweet that he wanted Winston to keep his grown-up job.

When Russell first arrived at the loft for the weekend, Nick didn’t hide his infatuation very well … or at all. He just stared at Russell with googly eyes and ate noodles from his bowl because they’re “bowl brothers.” Nick gets weirder and weirder every week. (I love it!)

After a plumbing fiasco, they decided to play “True American” which is a drinking game mixed with life-sized “Candy Land.” I didn’t really understand the game, but I do know the ground is lava and there’s a lot of random yelling involved.

Russell bonds with Winston and Nick after they’re all drunk.

However, Jess gets upset with Russell for spending time with the guys and not wanting to go apple-picking, but she was afraid to say anything because she didn’t want to fight with him.

But when one of Nick’s crazy creations ends up stabbing Russell, he heads home and finds Jess waiting for him at his house.

They have a cute little “argument,” during which Jess quotes the Spice Girls, and, in typical “New Girl” fashion, they live happily ever after.

So glad “New Girl” has been picked up for another season! What did you think of last night’s episode?

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