From E Online: VMAs Fashion: Who Had the Wackiest Outfit?

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Music’s most outrageous fashionistas were dressed to impress shock at the MTV VMAs last night.

Lady Gaga finally took her alter ego, Jo Calderone, public for the first time. The Born This Way singer got the crowd going crazy when she appeared onstage in a short wig, a black jacket and pants and white tee, reinventing herself yet again at an awards show.

While Gaga channeled a dude, another artist seemed to be channeling her…


Rapper Nicki Minaj looked like a walking toy store, accessorizing her crazy metal tutu dress with stuffed animals, an ice-cream cone  necklace and a mask, among other things. Gaga did it better with the Hello Kitty dolls, remember? But still, it was awesome to see the diva bring back the bright colors after a slew of relatively blah red carpet appearances.

Despite a broken foot suffered three months ago when she fell off a stage, British singer Jessie J tried her best to get crazy in a bejeweled black onesie with sparkly white tights and two matching striped canes. She gets an E for effort, but our socks are still on.

And finally, Katy Perry‘s nuttiest outfit of the night—she swapped clothes three times—was this colorful getup with a giant yellow box on her head, courtesy of Christian Dior. Hmmm, somebody feeling a little royal fascinator envy?

So which singer’s VMAs getup was the craziest? Weigh in!

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    Yeah I don't care, other than the fact I wish Katy Perry had tits on her back so I could buttfuck her and suck them at the same time.

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    Phil, please leave this stuff to Perez Hilton. Mmmmkay?

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    Did Phil write this garbage?? I have to agree with fourcoasters, who gives a turkey?

    All I can say is this is gay as fuck….ehhh, what's up fruitcake?

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    Who cares about this crap?

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