Glenn Beck Is The Boss

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He has made history, real front page history, through his talent as a broadcaster. Say what you want, that is bad-ass

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    What Sully said- ! That is something about him I do admire. If his message stays relevant and credible to enough people, he has potential Martha Stewart Jimmy Buffett Oprah George Foreman madd marketing skillz. Today Beck launched a new news aggregate website-perfect timing. You just don't pull shit like that right out of your ass. Either he is very talented, or has hired the talent, in which case I would advise Phil to hire that person right away.

    Phil is dead on when he says his show was never promoted properly by the radio suit-ocracy. Imagining what a different place he'd be in today if he had a Beck-like team branding and promoting his vast amount of original material.

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    Aaron — I dunno…why does any media personality (with very few exceptions) or politician (also with very few exceptions) blatantly lie, know they're lying, know that the public knows their lying — the public DOES know they're lying but will still believe IN them despite KNOWING they lie, cheat, & steal; still elect them to office; still fund them; still support them; still boost their ratings?!? That's the million dollar question in my mind. Where IS the truth any more?? I personally think it [in part] boils down to a "everyone else is doing it, I do it, it must be ok" personal moral integrity issue to be very simplistic, although it's a lot more complex than that…. But, it justifies our own "bad" behavior and the notion that it always seems to be about the "lesser of two evils; a douche & a turd." Etc. etc. etc………….

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    Glenn Beck, people either love him and think he's the greatest or they think he is satan walking on earth. I personally think he is a great example of someone making himself into a brand. 6 years ago hardly anyone knew him. Today he is writing 4 books a year, has a daily 1 hour TV show, a 3 hour radio, does tours, conducts rallies, you name it, he does it. He is constantly branching out.

    People don't work this hard at marketing themselves just because they "love" their country. He's making some serious coin. He is one ambitious dude.

    I believe his fall is near. This is mainly because his message is getting stale and confusing. Droning on about the merits of Calvin Coolidge or the evils of Woodrow Wilson then making appearances with Sarah Palin is one example.

    I'll give him credit. The guy isn't afraid to do anything. I'm not fan however. I don't buy into this left/right political sport business. It's all bullshit. He's just another personality who is currently having his time in the sun.

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    White Fright – Glenn Beck's rally was large, vague, moist, and undirected—the Waterworld of white self-pity. – C. Hitchens

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    [quote]Exactly, Brian. He is an embarrassment. And he ISN'T just a patriotic guy who wants to bring everyone together back to God in loving harmony.[/quote]

    Amen, brotha. Beck is scum. Hell, he could be the antichrist. I wonder what will happen when his followers start to realize the only thing he cares about is himself and his ratings? I mean, he's got to be smart to accomplish all this, no matter how he got there, so how come he says so many stupid things and gets others to believe him?

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    Exactly, Brian. He is an embarrassment. And he ISN'T just a patriotic guy who wants to bring everyone together back to God in loving harmony. I liked him when he was on Headline News. What started to happen when he decided Obama's political appointees were in reality a collection of subversives who were conspiring with Obama to created a radical communist state made me sick. He believes God revealed that truth to him (he has said so) but having very rudimentary knowledge of history, set about proving his point by presenting one distortion of history after another. What is very "revealing" is that he can't hold his own when talking to either Bill O[Reilly or Greta, who have a vested interest in making him look good! They reallly can't interview him about anything substantive. He turns red, starts to mug for the camera, pull some prop like the brilliant "hot dog" to make fun of Anthony "Weiner" an adopt a sort of "can you believe they're asking ME a simple question a 3rd grader should know the answer to?"

    Phil has said over and over that it's all an act, the goal is a humungous audience, and that Glenn Beck doesn't really believe any of it himself. Well if that's true, then I can see why Phil admires him- and if so also- Phil is generous, gives credit where credit is due and apparently happy for his success in an industry of cut throat competition. Summary: Phis is still cool even if he does like that demented platypus Beck.

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    Nice to see that Phil has fixed the problem with people being able to post as other people as is evidence by the use of my screen name above.

    I swear you need to hire some website people who know what they are doing. The fix is so simple yet it seems to be a major project.

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    Gaybranch has cooties!! Pass it on!

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    The boss of a "Confederacy of Dunces."
    Phil, stop trying to act modest, or nonpartisan (assuming you're not THAT stupid), you fucking asshole.
    If a broadcaster is "bad-ass" by catering to the lowest common denominator, that means you're decidedly NOT "bad-ass."
    I'm quite likely MORE conservative than Beck on economic issues, yet I acknowledge that he's a huge embarrassment to those who hold my convictions. Whether he's capitalized on the stupidity of talk radio listeners, or is so stupid that he believes his nonsense, he is scum. You should be ashamed of yourself, Hendrie.

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    Yup — nice one, "Jethro." Rabranch, per your comment the other day about "I can listen anytime," it's kinda like this. It's a show. You make time to listen. I'll watch a Bond flick or Star Wars on TV when it's on even though I have all of them on disc or VHS, but for some reason it's a bit more like an event. Plus, no goofy radio ads, which are getting worse and worse. And, Phil plays a cool mix of music that I would normally not pick as a rule. Remember, he was a jock at one time…….

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    Rush Limbaugh has just as much notoriety when he waddled onto the national scene. He started his little "movement" and everyone was all up in arms about his "impact". Then, the fervor died down and he eventually cooled into the big bowl of right-wing jello that he is now. Same thing with Beck. Eventually, he'll just be seen as the ever-present voice from the right that Limbaugh is. Nothing special. Not revolutionary. Not game-changing. Average.

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    Yeah. If you look at it through the lens of a professional acheivement I agree. What he is actually saying, content-wise is truly awful, and I think I'll scream if I hear another person say they never studied the Founding Fathers until Glenn Beck's show came along. Glenn Beck "history" is like a 7th grade picture book recommended highly by the John Birch Society. Saying that does not make me an atheist or a 'hater" or a commie.

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    Wow furry! Talk about building a house around a doorknob!! Take a deep breath, feller!!. Just why exactly do you have such a gargantuan chip on your shoulder? Here's a handy list of all the incorrect assumptions you made about my little missive.
    1. (and this really blows the rest out of the water) you didn't read it correctly. The "it" that's creepy is LDS doctrine PLUS Glenn Beck's messianic vision of himself, not the LDS church. Your hair trigger temper and immediate hostility are VERY unlike what the Elders serving their missions are counseled to do, and what I consistently hear out of the mouths of Pres Hinckley(r i.p), Pres Monsen Doug Callister, Deiter Uchdorff et al

    2. Based on what do you assume ANY knowledge I may or may not have? What makes you just so damn prideful and bellicose without having a shred of knowledge about what I know or how I learned it?

    3. What the hell does Phil having MANY Mormon fans have to do with this? Answer- nothing.

    OH yes, I'm sure Phil could show me how to read an article- great idea. I'm sure he's a total LDS encyclopedia compared to me. Maybe he should ride his bike over to Visiting Teach me, vunderbar!!

    Am I too sarcastic? Oh sorry, I don't buy that little trick of tagging a vitriolic come-uppance filled with what I SHOULD DO and how I am WRONG with the "didn't mean to be hostile " bullshit disclaimer. You were hostile. Period. At least own your behavior.

    Now, tell me. Why on God's green earth would I follow your patronizing suggestion to further my knowledge in the beginners section on when your over the top defensiveness and aggressive tone is what I can expect more of? It's a damn sight good that most people listen to the counsel of church authorities about how to approach "seekers" and you didn't do that right.

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    History ? Maybe by Texas school book standards, but not even close in any reasonable sense of the term. Nobody will recall or give a fig about Beckapalooza three months from now.

    But Beck's media stature is astonishing, I'll give you that. In the mold of Kosinski's Chauncey Gardiner, a half-witted blubbering zoo-crew jock turned gold-monger who runs off legitimate sponsors and yet is propped up by a foreign media monopolist, almost literally 'wrapped in a flag and carrying a bible'. Awesome dude !

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    Most who criticize Glenn Beck have never watched or listened to him…their perception of him comes from selected quips from the Daily Show or Keith Olbermann..basically, this is the guy liberals are supposed to hate. One commentor in this forum said what Beck stands for is "truly awful"…that's disconcerting. 500,000 people (200,000 according to CBS & NBC) coming together to affirm their love of country and supporting the Christian values that gave rise to our great country is a bad thing? How so? It wasn't violent, hateful, or racist…MLK's niece spoke there & didn't appear fearful for her life. Beck's rally was only negative in POLITICAL terms for leftists…this kind of excitement generated by Beck is ominous for the democrats in the November elections, hence, they abhor the event. They resent that Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, or Ed Schultz couldn't pull off this kind of rally, let alone generate excitement, as evidenced by their ratings. Now is the summer of their discontent. M'out.

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    HA! Beck is a fucking joke.

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    Everything you need to know about LDS can be learned from season 7 of Southpark. Check it out on Parker and Stone hit this one way, way out of the park.

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    Perhaps YOU should REALLY study what the LDS church is all about before you make statements and act like you know what you are talking about. Just because Glenn Beck touts himself as a member of the LDS Church doesn't mean the Church shares or endorses his views and beliefs either political or personal. Don't believe everything you hear and read. If you want to make statements like that, try going directly to the source. A good start would be (for beginners) and once you find out what the Church is ACTUALLY about then is a great place to learn more when you understand the basics.
    I don't mean this in a hostile way at all. It is very frustrating to see someone call the church I believe in "creepy" based on some article or limited reading and what Glenn Beck says.

    Maybe Phil could do a "How to read a news story" on whatever article you based your opinion on. Phil himself has both joked about and talked about the LDS church and Mormons on a limited basis in the past and actually seemed quite educated about the LDS Church, as if he had done some research about our beliefs. I could be wrong.

    He has MANY Mormon fans and came to do a live broadcast in Salt Lake City around the time of his birthday for AT LEAST two years that I am aware of.

    Those are HILARIOUS shows if you find them in the archive.

    Thank you and I bid you a pleasant evening.

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    I love to tell people this.. hey I was at Rush's 1993 event in Fort Collins CO called "Dan's Bake Sale"!! Anyway. The differences between Rush and Glenn 1. Rush is smart. 2. Rush has humility and a sense of irony about himself "talent on loan from God" 3. Despite what Phil says about it all being an act, Glenn really has a messianic vision of himself. Study what the LDS church is actually all about and it becomes very understandable. And creepy.

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    What I've come to learn: haters hate…I give Beck props for what he's done for himself but one thing: what's up with him being this "Christian leader" of America now when he's Mormon? Enough of these right wing religious nuts…the Republicans need to have a moderate fiscally conservative secular voice. The thing about what is wrong with our country are the two extremes within the Republicans and Democrats. While Bill Clinton was a great President (and Hillary Clinton would have been a great President); this President has been nothing but a disaster. We truly need a 3rd party in 2012…hopefully Republicans win this Nov. so that at least they can protect our borders against illegal immigrants….

    BUT PHIL! You need to have some type of comic piece on Monday about the Glenn Beck rally. How about Dean Wheeler with his obsessive jealousy of Glenn Beck…something to do with Dean Wheeler..

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    The popularity of a product (particularly in entertainment) is almost negatively correlated to its quality.

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    This forum makes me want to eat my own feces for Satan.

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    You are letting your politics color your history. The fact of the matter is Rush Limbaugh did change the way Americans received their political content. He single-handedly created right-wing talk radio. All of the moaning about the Foxnews and Hannity and Beck and the Fairness Doctrine, the failure of Air America, all of these things can be traced back in some way to Rush Limbaugh. It certainly remains to be seen if Glenn Beck will cause a permanent change in media the way Limbaugh did, but if he does, it won't be average at all. The average radio man does not make it the way these two men did. This has nothing to do with the content. As a history professor, I cannot listen to Glen Beck for more than 10 minutes without yelling at the TV because his "history" is so cherry-picked and flawed it is outrageous. But Father Coughlin's content was outrageous too, so was Billy Sunday's. But, these men changed the way people thought about media with the impact they made, whether the content was good or accurate does not matter as much as its impact.

    It is possible Glenn Beck is a flash in the pan, and five years from now no one will know who he is, but the longer he remains relevant (and he must be because the right can't stop praising him and the left can't stop criticizing him) the more he will have power to effect historical change like other similar media figures in the past.

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    true statement. regardless of your politics you have to admit he puts himself against a lot of mainstream opinions and backs it up. He's a little kooky but no doubt sincere.

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