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 In Phil Pheed

August 2004 has been converted, uploaded, and is available for download! Cheers!

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    Dude Glenn Beck is the modern day Jerry Lamon Falwell, god help us if we get a President who endorses Beck we are all screwed and I am moving to Panama. Nice suits and cocain yeeeeEEAAHHH!!

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    Thanks Phil!
    I have to agree with John about the "If I had my way" line. There was something hilarious about the way Steve said the line……I don`t know what or how, but it got funnier each time he said it.

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    Listening to Monday's "Live Streaming Video" ,awesome by the way, and the video window was closed, Phil was on one of his rants and all you can hear is him getting fatter and fatter shoveling snacks down his pie -hole…frickin hilarious HAHAHA I love ya Phil.

    P.S. a listener since 2000 and show is better than ever

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    Shouldn't it read "August 2004 has been converted, uploaded, but is in no way tagged or organized in any sensible way for our BSP members to download!"?

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    Can you share the source of Steve's "Joke Line" and where the "If I had my way …." quote came from? It was very funny and I laughed harder each time I heard. The bit worked because they were not jokes–that is what made them funny.

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    Dude!!! I've been downloading 2004 and listening to em at work, It's great because I remember hearing some of these bits as I drove home from night-school. Keep the minions converting away and rock on Phil!

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