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Some people are not that well aquainted with steak or meat or restaurants or ordering drinks and so I thought I’d show you our Meat Chart as a way of getting started. Please note that the animal you see is called a steer. If I sound sarcastic please forgive me. I had a run of real idiots last week.

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    If you REALLY feel the need to miss a show/take time off/take a vacation, then PLEASE have Bud fill in for you. I realize that's not possible since you "take Bud with you", but it's a nice thought, tuning in to Bud's simple, innocent, and slightly out of touch view of the world and grasp of the reality around him. Besides, his juvenile and adolescent humor is funny. Oh, and please be nicer to Bud, give him a hug every now and then.

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    Gordon Ramsay – HELP !!!!

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    Dear Phil,
    It has been raining quite a bit here in Japan lately. That is not unusual for this time of year, as it is the rainy season.
    So, I agree with FireGnome, and Bob Hanks, if you are going to go on vacation, please make it stop raining in Japan for the rainy season. Enclosed is my check for $29. I want to buy Bob's subscription, and donate it to myself.

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    Phil, Bob H, I want to apologize for my canceling my Back Stage last month. It took me 2 weeks to get it back. I have been a fan since 1994 when I had a 2 hour commute. My wife would tape your show every week night, and I would listen to it the next day. I did that until 2006 when I was disabled. Since then it has been the back stage pass.
    I am about 10 years older than you, and I love your show. I didn't know all the problems you were having. When I opened my mail and saw a bill for $29.00 and not much more info, I went off the fun meter. It's back on now and working fine. I enjoy your Genius and Like every show I have heard. Hope you stay on the air and make lots of money.
    All the best
    Bob Hanks

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    I kinda agree. I hate hearing the "Best Of" shows that were aired only 3 weeks earlier.

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    Let me preface this by saying I love Phil. He is the mad genius I wish I could be. But since I'm not, I'm relegated to listening to one who is. But I don't listen to him live, or watch his show. So I get the podcasts. Guess what that means? I PAY FOR THIS.
    So somebody explain to me why when there are 15 years of archives, I'm forced to listen to Ted Bell talk about a California bailout three times in as many months?! 12-26-11, 11-24-11, and whenever it first aired, which wasn't that long ago. WTF?!!! It's not just TB. He's only one example of the same things we have to listen to over and over. I don't mind having to listen to old clips when Phil goes on vacation, but "Best of" doesn't mean a repeat of last week or month's show!!!!!
    Again, I love you Phil. I'm a diehard listener but your people need to do something different when you're gone on vacation.

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    You sure can't beat Ted's meat

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    Nice meat! I must admit, I'd like some in my mouth.

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    where's the "baseball" steak at?

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    I'm reallly disappointed that it is not a chart showing the prime cuts of horse meat that Ted's will be serving soon. FDA approved; tenderized by the jockey.

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