Listening to the Classics, I wonder why….

 In Phil Pheed

…I was constantly hassled by cold after cold after cold. It can’t be the smoking because I didn’t have a cold for 3 years until I got pneumonisa at Christmas last year which is when I finally quit. And the pneumonia was more because I was just physically whipped. All those colds had to have been my life at the time. Just way, way too much bullshit……and I’m not talking about Maria and the kids…

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    Indeed. People should have the balls to post with their own name.

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    I don't mind if someone wants to rip my throat open but I do wish there was a way to prevent people from using other commenter's names. For instance, anything dumb or objectionable written by "Elyse" isn't really me.

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    @dang, what do you mean "potential "All You Can Eat Negro" moments?" I don't understand.

    I just finished listening to the 10/1999 thru 2000 and I think there were at least 5 or six colds. I always love:

    Phil: "Sorry Jay, I have a cold, "
    Jay: "That's ok, I have one too"
    Phil: "What a coincidence"

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    I always thought the "cold" stuff was a mask for potential "All You Can Eat Negro" moments?

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    Alright Phil, we are going to have to get you into a junior high or high school class room so you can get exposed to every virus known to man then at some point you will become immune or your body will kill you in the process.

    By the way I admire the relationship you and Marie have. I can sense (from some of the videos in the past, ala the island video, etc.) the mutual respect and love you both have for one another. Quite an example to the world when it comes to marriage and not.

    I chuckle at my fellow Hendrie fans that go at each other throats-suppose we are an opinionated lot! I always think of the great philosopher Rodney King when I read the rants. Appreciate your life my brother. Life is good.

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