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    Huh? What's that. . . .? . omg no Tagger "artwork" ? You are one lucky man. A display like that wouldn't last 15 minutes in my necka-thewoods. The mecca for that stuff is a restaurant in Rosemead called Bahooka's.

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    Looks like you got some cool neighbor's.or(neighbor?) Thats classic ! If those boards could talk…Each one is about 30 yrs old give or take.The fact that someone could have that idea and be able to present it without a bunch of bs is nice. That's a laid back hood. Although it is borderline Krab Shak resturant material,still like it !

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    Hey that's k-narly man. Reminds me of a street in Haleiwa Hi. on the North Shore. Totally bitchin' . I'm on the El Pacifico now, Redondo side , Bra' Hang Loose Phil….

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    Looks like a clear violation of C C & R's …Bobbie won't be pleased.

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    you're "that guy" in the neighborhood, but its still totally bitchin

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