Pastor Rennick

When I was living in the south, I could hear just about anytime of the day typical southern baptist preachers on the radio, shouting into the microphone from about ten feet away so that there was this constant sound of a guy yelling in an empty room.
So many of them were just regular people speaking plain English. I heard in Atlanta one Sunday night Hosea Williams, a preacher and civil rights activist. I started copying his voice, the cadence, the accent, the plain speaking. I didn’t develop the character till I got to LA for some reason. It was a controversial character that didn’t always go over well with black listeners or religious listeners. My idea was to give Rennick a shady personality, working the money angle, using profanity because he says “Gods okay with it,” using the congregations money for hot tubs and vacations. That’s the relatability of the character. He’s just a highly entertaining con man and he’s broad and loud and colorful. All the things we like in con men.  I use Pastor Rennick if I just want to blow the carburetor out, just blast the pipes and go crazy with the comedy because the character works as a big cartoon.


The Wrap Sheet
  • Hometown. Bellflower CA.
  • Creative Fundraising. He once got into a diaper and laid in a manger scene as the baby Jesus so that he could “bring it to life” while accepting donations.
  • Life motto. “God doesn’t care how you say it so long as it gets said.” (Allow him creative license to pepper his sermons with all kinds of profanities and obscenities)
  • Speaking with the Lord. He’s constantly in conversation with the holy spirit… mostly about the 7 jet spa the Lord wants him to have.
  • Minor sins. Pastor Williams considers himself almost entirely without sin…except for that time he drew on funds being raised for a child with a cleft palate. How else was he supposed to pay for the gun and silver billers to protect him from “were wooves ” one Halloween.
  • Righteous man. According to Pastor Rennick, he once met the Queen while visiting London, there was a “noticeable sexual tension.”
  • Every moment is a teaching moment. Prone to launching into preach mode at the drop of hat, his philosophy can be summed up with the following quote: “Look, I wake up and wait for the Lord to move me and I don’t care how. I don’t care if he tells me to squat and drop one in the middle of Hollywood Blvd!”

  • The Phil Hendrie show is the best part of my day. He's in a class by himself! I love having a BSP so I never run out of comedy genius -new, old, archived classics...theres even online live chats. Are you kidding? I'd pay twice the price for it.

    Sue Price
  • "I've been counting on Phil for entertainment and direction for 15 years. I'd put him up against any CNN or Fox News pundit. My Back Stage Pass (BSP) subscription is invaluable as I can access my favorite bits, phone calls or characters at the drop of a hat. Phil's admirable takes on relationships, politics and sports are shared via his "Phil Only" sessions and the official start to my weekend is chatting it up with Phil and fellow BSP members during his Friday Night Chats. Bang For Your Buck Baby!"

    Frank Sidoris (Las Vegas)
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