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Your BSP lets you go past the garbage cans in the alley behind the theater, knock on the door and then go inside, up old wooden steps to the backstage area where things are fucking weird

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    I think it's "Club" or "Towm House" Crackers the ones that are like the kind your mom would serve to the ladies in her Bridge group. Most likely something called "Carr's Water Cracker" would come from Canada because in America nobody would say "Carr's Water Crackers" because it is unweildy and sort of gay sounding. We would've shortened it to CaWaCra if the crackers were so good it wouldn't matter if they were called "Carr's Water Crackers" or not. Mostly we don't give a shit though. Oh OK I just checked and the Carr's Water Crackers are from the UK complete with a website full of flags and gold writing in fruity looking script like a cracker is a big fucking deal. But it explains why someone would initially think they were from Canada.

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    That's what the members of Congress ought to required to eat until they work it all out. Carr's Water Crackers or seven grain bread with cucumber and Sheba cat food spread. And if they take too long, it's Cal Can as backup.

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    Thanks, Tex. Now get over here and provide me a nice handjob and I'll give you your cardboard box back.

  • painter66

    Carr's Water Crackers?

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    Holyjeez – That was the worst attempt at humor I've ever heard. Well, at least since that Clara bit last hour.

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    How many saxaphone players do you want on a freeway onramp?

    Not Tex, not Jeanne, not Sittle.

    Give them each a slice of cardboard and send them back under the interchange.

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