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    The debt was already a problem prior to the crusades when Iraqis were forced to invade countries and the Kurds were living in the splendor of chlorine gas.

    And to be fair I love the irony that Tax Foundation is registered as a 501(c) and is tax exempt.

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    Actually Rush is a band….2112 is an album. Nice try though. Personally I hate Limbaugh…he's a fat bore. By the way…I paid 27.8% in Fed Income Tax alone last year…but I guess that means nothing because in relationship to the GDP of the nation that only comes out to like .00000000000000000000000000000000001%. So I guess that makes it all OK. I feel much better when I look at it that way.

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    Michelle Bachmann never had a chance and neither does Sarah Palin. I don't understand why so many progressive pundits talk about them so much when it is a self-indulgent waste of time. Every 15 to 30 seconds of air time devoted to indulging the urge to mock these people is time taken away from allowing real candidates exposure to the public.

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    Norway 12.5 and a Police force that has one helicopter and no stand by crews. What a shining example. Douche.

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    Must say the comments section as sunk to a new low. This might be the biggest collection of ignorant statements I have ever read here. The dollar and the other fiat currencies of the world are crashing. Take a look around ass clowns. Quit trying to blame the Tea Party for the failure of the two party system and abuses of Federal Reserve. Please not bother responding to me personally as I don't follow up and you will be wasting your typing skills. With some many know it all cunts, how can we have any problems?

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    By the way, I am gratified to have started an interesting dialogue here today. That said, those of you who are stuck on stupid about "out of control government spending" should take a peek at history and the debt to GDP ratio.

    Bottom line … Our debt is not nearly as out of control as the Glen Beck worshipers insist it is.

    Gotta go and do something more important than argue with the brainless.

    Bye Bye!

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    Ha! Typical Rush fan. When confronted with facts that aren't strained out by conservative media sources, the guys says that "that chart means absolutely nothing." It takes only a few internet clicks to get the bare facts on how corporate America and the wealthiest Americans have been getting tax break after tax break. Meanwhile they have no problem in investing their money overseas, screwing American workers out of good paying jobs. Oh, and the debt that the Tea Party is so passionate about? That debt was created by Bush and his "crusades" which ended up screwing over Iraqis even more than they were before. READ THE NEWSPAPER (and no, Fox News and World Nut Daily DON'T COUNT!)

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    They are seeking lower wages, fewer regulations, cheaper manufacturing facilities, a lack of environmental restrictions. Selling us all down the river. Corporate taxation is a red herring.

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    The table you provided means absolutely NOTHING. I suppose the reason businesses are leaving the U.S. in record numbers is all just our imagination…or perhaps they are seeking higher tax rates elsewhere? Yeah…that must be it.

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    When did it become so unpopular to stick up for regular people? I swear everyone has this lottery mentality that one day they too will be rich, so better not raise those tax rates..

    The tea party will go down in history as the movement that successfully convinced half of America to hum 'Stars and Stripes Forever' while violently taking it up the cornhole.

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    Don't buy into the drivel exuding from Mr. Rah Rah Tea Party Hoser. Conservatives like to fool us little people by focusing on the statutory tax rate and ignoring what the effective– or real– tax rate is that corporations end up paying. It's a tactic employed to try to get us to feel sorry for the huge corporations that do not pay their fair share.

    Yet, I have to love someone who cites an anti-tax group's loaded press releases to bolster his contention:

    ". . . the U.S. corporate rate will continue to stand out as a hindrance to economic growth and competitiveness unless lawmakers move to lower the tax burden for businesses."

    'And unless the indefatigable corporate tax burden is reduced there will be unbridled mayhem on the streets of every American town.'

    Consider the table below, friends:

    Taxes on Corporate Income as a Percentage of GDP, 2008
    Norway 12.5
    Australia 5.9
    Luxembourg 5.1
    New Zealand 4.4
    Czech Republic 4.2
    South Korea 4.2
    Japan 3.9
    Italy 3.7
    Portugal 3.6
    Britain 3.6
    Finland 3.5
    Israel 3.5
    Denmark 3.4
    Belgium 3.3
    Canada 3.3
    Switzerland 3.3
    Netherlands 3.2
    Slovak Republic 3.1
    Sweden 3.0
    France 2.9
    Ireland 2.8
    Spain 2.8
    Poland 2.7
    Hungary 2.6
    Austria 2.5
    Greece 2.5
    Slovenia 2.5
    Germany 1.9
    Iceland 1.9
    Turkey 1.8
    United States 1.8

    Glad I could clear that up for you.

    P.S. In case you were wondering where you, the worker, stand in relation to the rise in corporate profits . . .
    From the lion's mouth:
    JPMorgan's July 11 "Eye on the Market" newsletter stated: "Reductions in wages and benefits explain the majority of the net improvement in [profit] margins. US labor compensation is now at a 50-year low relative to both company sales and US GDP."

    As Public Enemy famously penned: Don't Believe the Hype (from Tea Party members).

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    Corporate tax rates lowest in the world? Are you for real?

    Washington, DC, March 11, 2011-The U.S. corporate tax rate will soon become the highest in the industrialized world, and is already in its 20th year of being above the average for similar economies, according to a new analysis by the Tax Foundation. As other nations enact reforms and rate cuts, the U.S. corporate rate will continue to stand out as a hindrance to economic growth and competitiveness unless lawmakers move to lower the tax burden for businesses.

    The combined federal and state rate of 39.2 percent of corporate profits is exceeded only by Japan, whose rate stands at 39.5 percent. When Japan enacts planned cuts next month, however, the United States will have the highest rate of all of the economies in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the group of 34 advanced countries with economies most comparable to the U.S.

    Glad I could clear that up for you:)

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    Yes. By all means. Bachmann 2012 !!!

    Tax rates for the wealthiest Americans at historical lows. Corporate tax rates lowest in the world. Many corporations pay zero in Federal income tax. Let's maintain the status quo in this area and instead shank the seniors by devastating Social Security and Medicare.

    And then we can enjoy Michele regaling us for four years with her little vignettes about how returning veterans laid down their lives for this country.

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    I have to agree with sittle on his last point. I'd go into great detail and explain why you are so wrong about the Tea Party and their importance in actually trying to put an end to this out of control government spending but why bother.

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    Pintopony… Phil has made a number of predictions over the years… My favourite is "Osama Bin Laden is dead and they will never find him" from 2003… A stopped clock is still right twice a day.

    Phil can read a news story with the best of them, but when it comes right down to it, he's an entertainer and he will say whatever must be said to entertain or be interesting (with exception to the recent couple of months of shows).

    What's embarrassing is that you've admitted to taking your cues and political views from "the man that does the phunny voices on the radio".

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    Once again Phil is proved correct in his years long position with regard to the doom of music radio in favor of "spoken word" format.
    That said, may the Tea Partiers burn for their astoundingly irresponsible position on the national debt. We've all heard Phil express my own point of view that on this issue the conservative movement is trying like hell to steer our mighty ship of state straight up shit creek. I know many of you (Shittle, Tex, etc.) only seem to care about bits but remember Phil is a SATIRIST who uses humor to point up the failings in our society and government. He also must garner audience and make it pay to keep him on the air. That said, TRN has screwed him butt-sore and blind by putting him on the wrong stations in terrible time slots … 10 to 1 west coast and the dreaded 1 to 4 am overnight in the east.

    Bottom line … TRN = Tea Party = dumbass squared! Way to go boys … Take a great show and a great country (respectively) and do your hardest to torpedo them both.

    Its fucking embarrassing and tragic … FUCK US ALL!!

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