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    Phil it would be great to start "theme nights" if you're going to do repeats…

    Would be a lot of fun over Thanksgiving to get ALL Thanksgiving bits!

    I'd really look forward to hearing themed "best of" if I knew the hard work of finding and collating the suitable bits had been done for us 🙂

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    "Best of" downloads?!? AWESOME!!!!

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    YOU CAN TOATALLY HEAR THE FAN ON THE VIDEO FEED…thats the VIDEO feed ! Heard it get quiet when you turned it off.( Although the Video feed is always a little more hot then when listining too the show over the radiio..or on an aphiliate over the computer).
    Love ya Phil!

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    Welcome back Phil… great to have you live again

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    Why am I getting an echo. In essence I am hearing reverb. Please tell me why I get normal reception some times, and like now, unlistenable conditions…

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    welcome back Phil it's been reruns and coast to coast over the weekend and great to have PHHD back

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