The World of Phil Hendrie: The Best of 2015


Featuring the best and funniest bits from the year of 2015, excluding the guest hosts, which will be featured in their own collection. Here's the full track list with descriptions:

1.) Dunphy Brothers
2.) Gremlin Stink
3.) Wisp Bryson
4.) The Margaret Grey Players
5.) Stink Off
6.) Escaped Convicts
7.) Bob Bakian Traffic Marathon
8.) Operation Peep Tom
9.) Farmers Only Jingle
10.) Late Las' Night
11.) Amy Schumer's Butt
12.) Midget Down The Road
13.) Oh, What A Night
14.) Mark Barger
15.) Emmawheela Yoga
16.) Tighten Up
17.) Cubby Bear Brown
18.) Dagon Newton

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