Radio For Patriots By Patriots Show Log For Friday July 29, 2011

 In Phil Pheed

Tonight Steve Bosell took us on a weird journey through the land of “butt dial.” When he accidentally calls his daughter from his truck she hears Steve singing along to “Man, I feel like a woman” by Shania Twain. Well, by sundown the recording of it is all over CK Corona School and in the hands of it’s dark head mistress Erica Dorton. Steve calls Delores Blasingame, his blood-sucking laweyer, to insure no one “thinks I’m gay” if they hear the recording…

Dean Wheeler drives Phil nuts with the belief that because 40,000 stopped following President Obama on Twitter it’s like a physical assault. Never mind they thought the President was spamming them with messages about raising the debt ceiling, Dean said is was “unpatriotic” to unfollow the President!

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    40,000 less followers of the Sock Monkey? That's a good start 🙂

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    Thanks for reminding me about the Obama twitter fiasco. Apparently, the knucklehead's office sent out over 100 tweets.

    What a jackass.

    I don't have a twitter account. Doubt I ever will.

    Comparing Obama to FDR? Holy Jesus. Obama not qualified to polish the rims on FDR's wheelchair.

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