Radio For Patriots By Patriots Show Log For Tuesday August 30, 2011

 In Phil Pheed

Retired firefighter Herman Whittaker agrees with the decision to remove Jerry Lewis from the MDA telethon. “It was Jerry Lewis that caused me to thirst for comedy featuring people with their knees knocking together.” Mavis Leonard called in and agreed with Hermans suggestion they hire a black host. “I vote for Johnny Depp,” she said.

                         Martin and Lewis

Vernon Dozier and Father James McQuarters called the show to talk about the upcoming high school football season. Coach Dozier talked about mental toughness and Father McQuarters discussed praying for a player on the opposing team to suffer paralysis. By the end of the segment Father McQuarters was begging Coach Dozier for a drink

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    Love that your feeling good enough about the studio/tech to have the characters mix it up with each other. One of my favorite bits was Larry Grover VS Dean Whealer in a debate that degenerated into black mailing each other into agreeing.

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    very funny show tonite on and off air
    Thanks alot

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    I miss you on KFMB760 in San Diego. Last night was my first night back to work and I had been listening to the show on KTLK and here on your website the nights previously. Sorry to see you gone. The guy that replaced your show blows chunks. You got me through a lot of nights just hearing your humor. I'll miss you on San Diego radio but I'll look forward to listening to you with my BSP.


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