Monday, May 24, 2010

Steve Bosell fears that published images of the oil slick in the Guulf will create a fear of some blob-type organism ready to make land. Steve was also scared [...]

Chandra I’ll Help You

Part time model/aspiring actor Chris Norton believes he can lure Chandra Levy out of hiding.(0:31:28)

Cheaters Discussion

Phil reads a story about a man who was sentenced to jail for shooting another man that fooled around with his wife, Phil opens up the topic of cheating and goes to the phone lines. [...]

The Right to Expect Sess

Chris Norton offered to marry his friends sister to help her get her citizenship, but will be expecting sex in return.(0:08:59)

Along Came The Thong

Aspiring adult film director Chris Norton joins the program to talk about Fredrick's of Hollywood filing chapter 11.(0:28:48)

Porn Convention

Chris Norton reports on the Erotica LA Adult Entertainment convention. Chris believes the whole thing was a failure because none of the women there wanted to have sex. from March [...]

Sexual Surrogate

Chris Norton has taken out several ads offering himself as a sex surrogate exclusively to female movie stars in Hollywood.(0:29:56)

Telemarketing Manners

Chris Norton is a telemarketer for a pharmaceutical company who has trouble when it comes to talking to female customers on the phone in an appropriate manner.(0:20:14)

Vitamin Salesman

Telemarketer Chris Norton discusses his methods which include calling homes during dinner, and getting kids on the phone with their parents credit cards.(0:38:00)

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