Show Log For Monday November 28, 2011

 In Phil Pheed

Tonight Jay Santos explained why he was asking people the simple question “What are you doing here” as they stood in line for Black Friday sales when everyone is supposed to be broke. Then Dr. Ron Tarner complained to Phil about how his son and his ex-girlfriend almost lost their place in line on Black Friday trying to help a guy who died of a heart attack. “The guy got out of a car with Virginia license plates,” said Ron. “All that grease he was eating did it!”

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    I spit coffee on my compute listening to Tarner yell "MOVE IT UP!" after the Virginian croaked. Sweet Christ Phil, you still got it.

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    Jesus lined up at Office Depot? Now THAT'S sad.

    "Hey man they got a chair with adjustable arm rests for only $49.95! Only 5 per store!"

    Well in that case…

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    Does Ron Tarner plan on blowing his nose anytime soon? I wish I could have hung out with Art Griego and the Chicago Broncos.

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