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March 27th, 2000–RC Collins in “The Brotherhood of the Cape” and his weekly vampire community newspaper, “The Satanic Weekly.” Agrippa and The Law Giver, two practitioners got beat up and the newspaperes stolen from them off campus. “We believe in, you know, the vampire trip.”

        Billy The Impaler’s bedroom at his house

April 20, 2006–Ted Bell is bothered that his daughter Victoria is picking up spanish from his cleaning woman and he finds that “troubling.”

August 10, 2000–Bobbie Dooley talks about the birth of a baby to some neighbors that looks like Yoda

July 6th, 2000—This is one of our best loved hours. Art Griego theorizes that JFK Jr. crashed his plane on purpose because he could no longer take listening to his wife and sister-in-law yakking about shopping and clothes.

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    OMG….I LOVE the Yoda baby bit!!

  • risher80

    i forgot all about RC Collins' Brotherhood of the CApe for about 10 years. Thanks for the Good Times!

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    Awesome! Thank you!

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