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  • Elyse56




  • Elyse56

    Kev, my post was intended for the person who said that the only reason Rush makes good money is "shilling for so many interests". Maybe you think Snapple is an "interest". Anyway your opinion about Rush is neither insightful or uninsightful. It is the predictable product of a mind incapable of grasping nuance due to the multiplied force of a partisan stamp. I noticed you felt the need to add an unnecessary dig at me into your comment. That's pretty typical, as is your assertion that you are my better in a subjective area that is impossible to evaluate. OK Kev. Your opinion is more insightful than mine. I hope that makes you feel better.


    Rush is a big ,fat, pompous ass who loves to hear himself talk. He is no "prodigy", he is a duplicitous hypocritical fascist bastard-rat douche-bag.
    Rest assured, my opinion of him is far more insightful than yours……..

  • Elyse56

    Bullcrap. Rush is a prodigy. But you always know what he is going to say, so it gets boring, no matter how entertainingly it's delivered, and his callers make me want to jam a knitting needle into my carotid artery. Uh mega-ditto–nah forget it.

    That's why I like Phil. He's unpredictable and talented. Of course he takes a hit financially because if you can't be pidgeonholed you piss off a rotating group of people everytime you voice an opinion without factoring in the herd mentality or that is not viewed through one of only two main prisms you/re allowed to have these days. I'm just glad he hasn't yet said F you all I'm outta here and I hope you never do Phil just in case you read this comment.

  • howlermonkey

    Rush gets paid by the pound.

  • pianist88

    The only reason Rush makes so much is because he's a shill for so many interests. They all pay to have him back up their crooked deals.

  • gianmarc-reg164

    Phil, Colin Cowherd called you the most talented guy he's ever heard on the radio during his ESPN Radio show today. Context wasn't terribly positive, unfortunately–he was talking specifically about the fact that talented alone is not enough to make a guy a millionaire, and said that despite your talented he bets you don't make "one tenth of what Rush Limbaugh makes." Even so, I still think it's very cool that he gave you props for your talent.

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