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……and are now available for streaming and direct download. Cheers,


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    Any chance of converting the character clips from RealPlayer/WMA to something usable on a handheld

    Seriously. I can e-mail you a link to a freeware utility that does it

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    Great Stuff. Keep it up.

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    While I wouldn't exactly call it the 'mother of all boards', the Mackie 1402-VLZ3 is a great small form factor analog board and is commonly used in the industry for remote setups and such. For its price and size, it's actually an amazing little board and it sounds phenomenal.

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    Thats not a "board" ! Thats like a smaller version of some new fangleld back pack only the head engineer gets too mess with! A "board" is like 9 feet long and you have too reach for all the faders and buttons quickly as if youre life depended on cutting the right colered wire before the last second!…O How I miss that mother****** sometimes in my dreams when I was in controll of two stations at once on different clocks…Best job ever!…And You, PHIL HENDRIE!…One of the greatest radio broadcasters and American satirists, schitzo comedians and especially Board Ops! in History!!! ..
    You should know…I think thats whats wrong with people in radio theese days…Im serious . A BOARD Should be exactly how it sounds..An imposing ,incomprehensable and LARGE thing that you need to deal with and master .GIANT MONSTER BOARDS AND TURN TABLES…Well OK ,mayby not so much with the turn tables…Love you so much Phil, Big Fan…Please keep doing it untill my thoughts about youre electronics come true or you have a heart attack and die with a resounding "thud"…or mayby think about a podcast when youre done with the assholes…THANKS!
    Gene Harland
    I only wear my Teds Hoodie at night or birthday partys…Thats all.

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    But under Classic Shows, 2001 year, there is no March? I'll look again . . .

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    genehardhand: That is the mother board of boards,up date your'e self! How are you so behind the times, ignorant as you are ,you put your'e self out there! I hope you don't have a hart attack. Just go to hell now.

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