The Tragedy of the Gymnastics Gymnasts

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One of the things that happens every four years when the Olympics rolls around is that we are treated to wonderfully athletic displays of the gymnastics people, both girls and men. Yes and women too. But when we see the young toned, taut, textured and tightly toned bodies (or as we said back in the ‘valley’ days, ‘bods’) of these young people some women retreat inevitably to a bottle. Even here, yes here, at Western Estates I’ve received reports from steering committee members that some gals start drinking around 2 or 3 on the days gymnastics games are shown by NBC or SNMBC. Why do they do this? Because they see toned, taut, tight, textured bods and realize there is no way they’ll ever be that beautiful. Not all of the gals here or out there especially where you are are blessed with the combination of genetics and the will….the sheer will…to dominate in the world of looking hot and good for my man and yours. (But not that way or if you want me to, okay but I doubt it Lol) Boxed wine, 2 Buck Chuck, the whites, even the coolers, they all sell-out in record numbers come Olympic times because so many gals look at the textured, taut, toned and tight-toned bods of the Olympic gals and say to themselves “I can’t be that beautiful. I gotta get my wine on.” I say we tell SSBCB and MBC to their foot off the gymnastics gas. I’m Bobbie Dooley and I am….Western Estates Homeowners Association…

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    At last, Bobbie, we can always count on you to say what all of us are thinking. I feel better just knowing that I am not alone in feeling inadequate. But for me at least, it all evens out, because listening to Phil talk about his diet and all the weight he has lost has inspired me to stick to my own diet. Not that I will ever be in as good a shape as those young and taut, toned, and textured, gals. Or, for that matter, in as good a shape as you with your sexy bod. But I love you just the same. In my book, you sitll rule, girl. Keep givin' em hell over there at Western Estates. And I thoroughly agree with you that for the sake of most of us sensitive women, the Olympics and the networks need to stop sticking it in our faces to such an extreme degree every four years. Perhaps a little community activism would be in order, and you could be the perfect one to lead the new movement. I would be willing to assist. If I see you announcing a plan to move on this issue, I will be in contact with you. Love you, darling!

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    Bobbie –

    You have no idea how many guys get totally dungfaced in celebration of Olympic womens' gymnastics (and swimming!)

    If TV operated two-way, all across the country, you would hear, "Hey Ba'… Hey… Hey… Hey Babe, ya… ya know… ya know I… I jus'… ya know, I jus'… I jus' lo-o-ove you so mu… so much…"

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    Once again, Bobbie – you've said the very thing all of us were thinking and doing – I mean, must those taut, toned hot bod people launch themselves over that padded thing and show off their body parts by twisting in mid-air? I think we all know where that's coming from.

    You've given me the courage to ditch the flask and perch that box of Franzia right behind me on the couch, with the spigot over my shoulder.

    I thank you.

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