Tis’ The Season For Ted’s Meat! The New Hoody In The Shop!

 In Phil Pheed
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    Was once a proud bsp subscriber, but now this SHIT is no longer worth the few bucks I paid a month. Today being my last day of listening to this shit, I say: So long Suckers….

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    @graber: Wasn't the Captain Morgan's and Coke the drink that Ted Bell "invented"? Just like he "invented" the foil-wrapped baked potato?

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    None of the above. Captain Morgan's and Coke. He mentions it practically every time he is on. I don't know why you would post something like that.

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    Chris Norton's favorite drink is what???

    a. royal crown
    b. tab cola
    c. jolt cola
    d. otter pops
    e. mountain dew

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    Whenever I hear Ted Bell, I'm reminded of the but where his wife sodomized him with her ring finger, leaving a trail of blood in the shower. Ted said "Half of the men in America have Lee Press On nails stuck up their rear end." Cracks me up even now.

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