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04-29-10 schedule and audio
Lawsuits challenge new Arizona immigration law
Obama takes immigration reform off agenda
Denver school district bans work travel to Arizona
Mack (R) compares Ariz. law to Nazi Germany
NJ Principal Asks Parents To Ban Social Networking
Disaster looms as oil slick closes on US coast
Top 10 worst oil spills
NY Police Tell Parents That Son Is Dead — He’s Not
Mass. Legislature approves anti-bullying law
Group: Army symbol is religious, should be changed
*Tim James’ ad- ‘This Is Alabama; We Speak English’
Scientists develop a spray to make their men cuddle more
Poll- A third say pets listen better than husbands
Florida Gov. Charlie Crist Ditches Republican Party
Top 25 Psychiatric Prescriptions for 2009
Harvard law dean denounces student’s e-mail suggesting blacks genetically inferior to whites
More American Expatriates Give Up Citizenship
Google, IBM, Apple Top List Of Most-Valuable Brands
Billboard’s Hot 100 List: Top 10
TV ratings: ‘Idol’ takes Wednesday, ‘Happy Town’ has weak premiere
Archived audio
JAMES TIM AD THIS IS ALABAMA SPEAK ENGLISH (30 sec): Alabama Gubernatorial candidate Tim Jones’ ad campaign takes on resident who don’t speak English.
BILLBOARD TOP SONGS APRIL 29 1 BOB (32 sec): The number one song on the Billboard Hot 100 list is B.o.B. singing “Nothin’ on You”
BILLBOARD TOP SONGS APRIL 29 2 TRAIN (20 sec): “Hey Soul Sister” by Train comes in at number 5. 
ARIZONA IMMIGRATION LAW COMPLAINTS 1 MENENDEZ (18 sec): At a press conference, Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) calls the law unconstitutional.
ARIZONA IMMIGRATION LAW COMPLAINTS 2 GRIJALVA (22 sec): Rep Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) calls the law and its backers ‘extremist’.
ARIZONA IMMIGRATION LAW COMPLAINTS 3 BREWER (32 sec): Gov. Jan Brewer (R-AZ) last night told Greta Van Susterin of FOX that she had to enforce this law because the federal government is ignoring the State’s immigration problems.
SCHOOL ASKS TO BAN SOCIAL NETWORKING 1 STUDENT (16 sec): CBS TV’s Lou Young talks to a student at Benjamin Franklin Middle School about getting off social networking sites.
SCHOOL ASKS TO BAN SOCIAL NETWORKING 2 REPORT (24 sec): Young talks to a guidance counselor during his report, which explains how serious cyber-bullying and rumors started on Facebook can cause problems in school.
CRIST CHARLIE RUNNING AS INDEPENDENT (37 sec): In this edited excerpt of his speech, Gov. Charlie Crist explains he is running for Senator independent of either party.
OBAMA LOUISIANA OIL SLICK REACTION (40 sec): This morning, President Barack Obama commented on the ongoing environmental disaster near Lousiana. 

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    Eco-terrorists! Won’t be the first time

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    Just fixed my freaking computer connection…took me 4 hours…..but I wont miss Phil! 😀

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    Unintended result – we’ll have better soccer players so we can finally win the World Cup!

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