What I Learned From The Casey Anthony Trial By Bobbie Dooley

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What I learned from the Casey Anthony Trial by Bobbie Dooley. That’s me! Anyway….here’s what I learned from the Casey Anthony trial. (Well, one of the things I learned from the Casey Anthony trial is to not keep repeating “what I learned from the Casey Anthony trial” til a total stranger wants to sideswipe your Escalade and send you on down to, as my father called it, the Demons Crotch. “It’s hot and nasty down there Bobbie. Hot and nasty,” my Daddy would say.

As many of you know, I have what is called “Bobbie Dooley’s Circle of Taste.” This is a select group of gals that I choose for their fashion sense, their fitness, their symmetrical features, their personality, their tone, their pertness, their social skills, their decorating and catering skills, their…well, it’s a bunch of stuff they gotta have. Here’s my point. Casey Anthony is a woman I might have invited to be a part of the “Bobbie Dooley Circle Of Taste.” She’s a bit young but there are many young women married to men in their seventies and eighties who “make the scene” here at Western Estates. But thank God I didn’t. Or more to the point thank God she didn’t live here at Westernm Estates so I couldn’t invite her. Otherwise I might have. And the bad name she would have given to every pert, trim and socially evolved woman here would have, were it a smell, knocked every buzzard off of every garbage scow that ever was.

Casey Anthony, in short, is a waste of looks, breasts, butt, legs, waist, youth, eyes, hair, lips and thighs. Steve, my husband, like most husbands has looked at her on more than one occasion and said “God forgive me but even knowing what I know about her I’d be scramblinjg for the Yellow Pages to find a Justice of the Peace.” And that’s understandable. But let Casey Anthony know this (and I speak for every woman I’m sure) You got away with one. Good for you. Seriously. Mazel tov. When most of us think about dropping our kids off somewhere we think of a friends house or a school or an ex-husband’s condo. Rarely would any of us think “swamp.” So, you fooled ’em. You fooled ’em all. But you didn’t fool me. And you didn’t fool my people. My people. The people of Western Estates and associated communities. So Casey be advsied. If the day ever comes that I find myself up against it and I have to take a life to keep my “Bella Vita” (or whatever you call it) going. I’ll do it way better. way better. And I’ll keep intact the image of millions of women trying to get through eachy day as hot-looking and popular and not also be seen as laughing, blood-soaked sluts stinking of rot and slipping and sliding on gore as we get ready for our Hot Body Contest. I’m Bobbie Dooley.

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    Bobbie and her dirty panties…Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    thanks for all the great work !

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    Ya know I was thinking the same thing, come on in Casey for a free Ted, thats a coke and rum made by ME, Ted Bell. Im Ted Bell.

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    Dear Bobbie,
    As the song says,
    you're once,
    three–actually you're no times a lady.
    But we love you anyway.

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      Bobbie the only way to live is in a gated community. How can I be a hoa president, just like you?

      • Phil Hendrie
        Phil Hendrie

        Bobbie sent me this reply to your question Laura: “Being able to scan the landscape in a cool, calm and collected manner, spot the weak as well as the strong, swoop in and eliminate, is key. Physically you should be taut, smooth, powdered, pert, petite and Amazonian. Read Chung Kings ‘The Art of War.’ (I never have and I really don’t know who wrote the thing)

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    bobbee u r so ha i love yer sess an yer sessuality
    b mine tonite
    chris n.

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    Bobbie, thanks for reminding us what a class act you are! I knew you would have done this a lot better, instead of coming off like a "laughing, blood-soaked slut". Your looks, lips, breasts, hair, and everything about you are superb! Your husband Steve is a real lucky man, and he should not waste time looking at that monkey face whore! He's got you, babe! And now, let me remind YOU of something honey. You go, girl!

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    "You got away with one. Good for you. Seriously. Mazel tov. When most of us think about dropping our kids off somewhere we think of a friends house or a school or an ex-husband's condo. Rarely would any of us think 'swamp'."

    Now THAT's funny.

    Thanks Bobbie.

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    Bobbie, I LOVE your Blog!! You have expressed my feelings about Casey so well. Do you think she was schtooping Baez?? Was he Jose-ing her?? What a whore…and what was up with that hair?? All the best…Debbie 🙂

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    Once again I am reminded why being in the light of Bobbie's circle is where I want to be and may I say a huge thank you to Bobbie! For even though the verdict was awful the Caba

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    *Clap* *Clap* *Clap*
    Oh Bobbie, you said it all again, just perfectly. I even had to wipe a small streak of mascara from the corner of my otherwise immaculately Kohl-lined eye. Brava!

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