“When a true genius appears in the world…..

 In Phil Pheed

…….you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.” —Jonathan Swift

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    You are wrong, knifer…Phil is a genius.

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    People of average intelligence can't know who is a genius or not because they can't grasp the concepts that make someone a genius other than the poster boy geniuses and then they only say those guys are geniuses because everybody else says it. Knifer's comment is pretty typical with a healthy dose of envy which also causes them to underrate somebody. That's what my cousin the psychiatrist was explaining.

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    You are wrong kitter…your standards are low.

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    Phil: you're extremely funny, you have a unique talent, and you get completely fucked by dunces, but you're no genius (like John Tool, for example).
    Get off your own dick.

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    Must be talking about Obama.

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