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Hi Ted Bell here. I can’t remember exactly if I did one of these little posts. I know many others have been asked to do them. Not sure if I was. Oh well, I suppose two things will happen. I’ll be reminded that yes, I indeed was invited to write one and I just forgot. Or I’ll be informed that no I wasn’t, that this is the first time and, you know, have fun Ted, and I’ll be sitting out here like some monkey who’s the after-thought invite to the party, showing up wearing a bowtie that’s too tight and holding an inappropriate gift like a, I don’t know, a vibrator or some asinine thing like that. Let me stop right there. I’m off point and probably talking too much about myself. And yet I wanted to talk about myself, about overcoming the disastrous promotions, the Easter Ted (the biggest stiff in the history of our restaurant) Ted-O-Ween (what a stiff that was)…just every bad idea you could have promotionally, I had. You know how I dealt with it? You really want to know? This will sound mental but I’m not a destructive or violent person. I internalize. Everything that goes wrong I take it out on myself. How did I deal with the disaster of 2022’s promotions? You know what, I can’t tell you because some of you know my wife Marcy and may contact her and try to get her to sign the papers on me. But here’s a clue. It took 3 rolls of paper towels and two cans of Fabreeze to make my Mercedes something I’d want to drive again.
This whole thing was a mistake. Have a good year.

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