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Everyday, I’ll deliver a show to you via our usual Videocast (albeit tape delayed) from the Grenadines in the southern Caribbean near South America. It wil range in length from 30 minutes to an hour and will feature our usual series on flora and fauna….oh, I’m sorry. No it won’t. But be here for Phil, Bud, Robert, Herb Sewell and others as they bring the Phil Hendrie Show to you from The Grenadines starting Monday night at 9pm PDT….

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    I can’t wait. I imagine Phil on a tropical island is like a 007 movie. Drinks, Black-Tie in the casino, beautiful women (That’s a fact!).

    I sure hope he gets on of the ‘Hendrie Babes’ to take a picture of him in the surf. It’ll be way better than that picture of Daniel Craig in Entertainment Weekly.

    Safe Travels.

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    I’m not sure I want to watch you having a swell vacation, but I probably won’t be able to resist.

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    ugh. please. no arizona bits tonight, please.

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    42,000 gallons a day it’s leaking…BIG DEAL! That’s not much bigger than a swimming pool…a mere drop in the ocean.

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    thanks to B.P. my surf fishing might come to a hault. i might steve bosell them and sue them. got friends that work on some of the rigs down here and they all say that B.P. have been cutting corners for years now and its caught up with them. hope that is not true if it is something is hitting the fan.

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    Hey Phil…I’ve been testing out Lionel’s "theory" (for lack of a better term) and have been leaving the simple comment of "Why?" on people’s Facebook pages. It really seems to either piss people off, mislead them, or force them to write big long explanations to back up there initial point. It’s awesome!. I urge you all to try it

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    are you and jason flying first class?

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    Did you check with the hotel you are staying at to see if it has high speed internet to send the files back?

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    Man that guy is all rocked out!

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