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Monthly Archives: May 2010

This flick is wild….

……I never saw anything like this made about the war so soon after. It’s this German soldier working for the Americans. But the interesting part is the look at Germany toward the end. Ruin, drinkeness, train schedules messed up, random conscription, accordion playing, court-martial trials conducted in train stations, rubble in street car tracks, roadblocks and check points, personal documents to be carried everywhere……..why, it’s exactly like America under George Bush! Hahahaha…ooohhh hahahaha….

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This flick I’m watching is incredible…..

…..Germany at the end of the war. Dancing is illegal. I don’t know why. Anyway, this German soldier is in a tavern and a one-legged woman asks him if he wants to dance.

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One more thing….USFL,…

LA Express QB Steve Young scrambles against the New Jersey Generals. I was there. I had season tickets for the Express. 50 yard line, almost no one in the stadium. It was the best. And the added bonus was Gypsy Boots and his girlfriend at the time (some chick 40 years younger than him) running up and down the stands tossing bags of trail-mix or whatever. 25 years ago.

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Memorial Weekend-Jason Dunham

Cpl. Jason Dunham-Awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, Iraq war

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Memorial Weekend-Kiyoshi Muranaga

Pvt. Kiyoshi Muranaga-Awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, World War Two

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Memorial Weekend-Reidar Waaler

Sgt. Reidar Waaler-Awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, World War One

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Why would there eventually be some seriously rank porn….

… an image search I do for radio station logos? And these are radio stations I used to work for. In other words, I thought I would see if my name popped up in any old print ads the stations I used to work for did. I found one. You might have seen it. It was for KWST, Los Angeles around 1980. Anyway, as I’m clicking further anf further back, here it comes, the amatuer shots of interracial, anal and MILF plus, for an added bonus, gay. What the living hell? How does that shit make its way into something benign like radio print ads? Or maybe I’m fooling myself. Maybe all of those photographs are directly relevant to my search. So, for instance, if I’m am looking up WBVM, Utica, New York, an oldies station I worked at in the summer of 1975, by all rights I should see the general managers wife in a Mom/Boy action shot because that was all part and parcel of what was happening then. It’s just that dumb-ass Phil never figured it out or never got brought into the “circle” because he was a such a lame-ass, early-to-bed guy. Which I have to confess I was. I will always remember though that gm’s wife. I was 22 and she was probably 38 or 39. She was a short, hot blonde with her hair piled on top of her head. Anyway, one day they needed a fill-in for the afternoon shift because the jock that did that show, Barbey Lovesit (I shit you not) was sick. Because my apartment was in the same building as the radio station, all anybody had to do to get me (I did’t have a phone) was walk up to my door and knock. So sure enough, there’s a knock on my door. It wasn’t exactly the most common place thing in the world for someone to be at my door at 10 am. so I answered the door in just a pair of jeans. And there is Mrs. General Manager. I guess she was in the office helping out and volunteered to go get me. Yeah. Sure. She’s wearing these spray on, white cotton pants, with everything underneath clearly visible and white heels and the first words out of her mouth are “We shouldn’t meet this way. People will talk…ha ha.” That was a sort of cool thing for 30 something people to say in the seventies. Well, one thing led to another and……..

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Just when I thought I was out…..

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Monday, May 31, 2010

Best Of

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Memorial Weekend-Mitchell Red Cloud Jr.

Cpl. Mitchell Red Cloud Jr.-Awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, Korean War

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