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Show Log For Thursday June 27, 2013

Comedy Gold continues on radio and Comedy Gold on PhilTV leading up to our relaunch on July 8. From May, 2011 its Phil and Ted Bell talking about the recent killing of Osama Bin Laden and how it may be time to “give the partying a rest” in the words of Ted so that people can get back to business. Also David G. Hall and Margaret Grey, naturally join the show.

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Show Log For Wednesday June 26, 2013

“I haven’t had a taste in 6 months! I’m steady as a rock!!

Another radio Comedy Gold show and from the KFI Saturday night archive a PhilTV Comedy Gold. February, 2011, Phil features General Gaylen Shaw on the red hot topic of illegal immigration. General Shaw doesn’t cool things off when he says Arizona Governor Jan Brewer looks like she may “take a drink to steady her nerves.”