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Show Log For Monday March 31, 2014

                                   Berman and someone bigger than him

Phil talked about the sorry state of Raliegh, North Carolina, according to one of the listeners, and how it continues to sink further and further into a morass of mind-numbing dullness. Don Berman, channel 19 news anchor, discussed the CNN team of John Berman (no relation) and a rather large, female co-anchor and how it doesn’t come off well for Berman since he looks smaller and like he’s 12. General Gaylan Shaw walked us through the history of the very obvious bowl-harcuts worn by Korea’s leaders, Justin MacElroy broke a friends anonymity by naming him as a person who tried to hack into some security systems surrounding a civil disturbance over the weekend…..even though he kept trying not to…. and Art Griego talked about his part in trying to locate the Dolby brothers near Catalina in 1988 only to identify two department store mannequins, one wearing high heels

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Margaret Grey’s Filth Watch List….At Last It’s Here…

Phrases and words designed by society to sneak the filth into the simple mind of your child are being compiled by Ms. Grey in an effort to combat their intrusive power over the bird-brained youth of today. If you identify any add them to the list: Blow by blow, get a firm grip, lickity-split, we licked ’em, that’s a mouthful, he’s a handful, can’t get my mouth around that one, how do you take your meat, beat the spread…..

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Show Log For Friday March 28, 2014

     “Beat the spread” is another phrase now on the Margaret Grey “Filth Watch List”

Phil introduced Nikki via Skype from the DC area. The crew talked about the continuing search for Malaysia Airlines 370. Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police was into his report when suddenly General Gaylen Shaw, angry for some reason, said he didn’t want to talk anymore to “this Mr. Santos from the Citizens Dick-suckery Police…” Bud Dickman ran afoul of Margaret Grey for remarking that someone was good at “putting asses in seats and, if you will, asses on faces.” Also The Stephen Colbert Report’s so-called offensive tweet was kicked around by Phil and Nikki. Some suit at Comedy Central tweeted some lame shit on the Colbert Report account and got Colbert in trouble, people thinking he was firing up a chapter of the anti-Chinese League.  Margaret Grey let Nikki know the phrases that carry strong double entendre and that she’ll have “none of” They are: blow by blow, that’s a mouthful, lickity-split, he’s a handful, they were licked, I beat the spread. There are others but you get the idea.

On the Bobbie Dooley Podcast, Bobbie demonstrates and also has a tape handy of the way she sounds when “Steve gives it to her good.:”

BSP’s download todays Pre-Show and if you no have no BSP then you get and you like. 

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Show Log For March 27, 2014

        Quarterback Jeremy Black’s dad after tangling with Coach Dozier

Dean Wheeler joined the program to talk about Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin but before long it had degenerated into his screaming about the tree squirrels that have “harrassed” him for months and his nephew Stevie showing up with a pellet gun and ready to aim as Dean gets a headfull of squirrel shit. Vernon Dozier came close to another stroke stressing about college football players unionizing. He talked about a young freshman quarterback at Belmar Academy that he’s bringing along as the kids father is, typically, being “a pain in the ass.” Vernon said the boy is a fine young man but because he’s 15 he’s automatically “dirty, crawling, slimy scum, a punk and a degenerate. But all kids are at that age” said Vernon. The Bobbie Dooley Podcast featured Bobbie kicking the shit out of not only Steve but announcer Gene Wiffner.

BSP’s don’t forget Pre-Show audio is now a separate download. Do you have a Backstage Pass? Why not? God damn, get one son

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Show Log For Wednesday March 26, 2014

              Bob Green pissed as Candy Crush Saga Opens Low

Bob Green discussed the "anal raping" he took buying Candy Crush Saga stock and also attempted to explain some coupon for "5 percent off at Frazier Foods in todays Orange County Courier." Bob said you had to cut out his picture but, please cut off the push broom he's holding. It was supposed to be a feather duster. Frank Grey was called by Margaret to come on the show and defend her against Bob Greens nasty comments. Frank said he beat Bob in a lawsuit and "we wound up bending her over and having our way with her, financially speaking." Dave Oliva was interviewed on the topic of drunk Secret Service people. "Hey, it happens," said Dave. "It's a high pressure job. I myself worked security for a band in Long Beach at Belmont Shores and so many dudes wanted to sleep with the chick lead singer I was like 'no, no, a thousand times no.' I wound up drinking apple-flavored Bacardi and spewing all over everyone backstage."