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BSP Only Show Log For Saturday, August 30, 2014

Chris Pootay Love Songs is on the air as Chris tries to balance a sexy delivery wiith a squeeky, behind-the-scenes mouse voice that reads the riot act to everyone working ther show….Chris also finds out he has no staying power even ehen he’s “spanking his own dummy.” It all comes to a psychic crash when Chris finally faces the truth about what he’s willing to do for money….

brought you by Interstellar Lubes and Glides…

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Show Log For Friday, August 29th, 2014

Phil is in meetings all day, so we’ve cut together another “Best Of” for your enjoyment!

Jay Santos kicked off the show by talking to Phil about Citizens Auxiliary Police techniques in apprehending a suspect, including one called the “down low” that involves faking the suspect out with punching the air and pretending to kick him in the balls…

Ted Bell talks about a wine tasting event he’s having at Ted’s of Beverly Hills as Rudy Canosa helps out tending bar and giving the tongue-wag to women at the event…

Steven Bosell of Corona, CA talked about the incident at the beach that saw a wad of mayo hit his chin and his wife’s rude response.

David G. Hall talks to Phil about a new sponsor, Toodle-oo, which is an app that lets people…other people…know where you are. Also the word “gesticulate” is put into Margaret’s filth file. David through it all is making oatmeal for about 15 nephews and nieces…

Dr. Ed Elcott closes the podcast this morning, and is joined by Elcott South, Chaffey Burger, who talks about CandlePower, a manifestation of one of the four Elcott Miracles, X-Ray vision. They also talk with Mary of Calcutta, an Elcott devotee running a charity soup kitchen and menswear store there. Gary Renaldo, a beatified Elcott priest now serving penance in Elcar Hell for the misuese of CandlePower, was remembered.

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Show Log For Thursday August 28, 2014

 Margaret suggested this method of slapping another woman’s face to remind her not to be so “stuck up”

Rudy Canosa and Margaret Grey discussed the need for the female Fox news anchors to slap each other across the face on a regular basis “because of their ego-cen-TRICITY.” Margaret had a particular problem with “the blond wearing the doctor’s smock” and “that Kirsten Powers with the space between the teeth” on the morning Fox news. “They need the face slapped and slapped hard.” 

General Shaw slapped his own face because he felt bad about making a crack concerning a missing American student in the Middle East. He then went on to mourn the legacy of Lawrence of Arabia and that fact that he worked for so much and now “the whole things turned to shit again.”

The World of Phil Hendrie arrives at the Irvine Improv September 11 with the most original show you’ll see….maybe ever! You want that on your conscience? Fine

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Show Log For Wednesday August 27, 2014

                                  August Sensen and Lady Beth


Phil came up with a character spur of the moment during the pre-show and stayed with it for the length of the show; August Sensen (or Selsen), a sex expert who has “written close to 10,000 pamphlets and booklets on sex and how to get the most out of it.” August was even busted the same way Larry Craig was in the restroom at Minneapolis/St. Paul airport but he was using a stall in the ladies room..

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Show Log For Tuesday August 26, 2014

Phil kicked the show off by saying Wiz Khalifa couldn’t smoke near as much dope as he claims he does otherwise he wouldn’t get any work done. Dope is fine but it can make you stupid. “Many of our fine, young hip-hop artists want the weed legalized even though they don’t smoke near the amount they claim because that shit is ‘stupid-making.’

Phil also discussed the fine documentary “Nixon on Nixon” currently airing on HBO. Margaret was “shocked” to hear Nixon say the word “(mumbled) kike.” 

The crew also reviewed the Emmy’s with Jeff Dowdder and a befuddled and tired Doug Dannger. Seth Meyer layed an egg out there according to Phil and it was the fault, in his opinion, of an NBC executive at the top in order to promote the hell out of Meyers late night show. Who is the NBC CEO? The crew didn’t know until Margaret identified him as Bob Bergoodan. Or Bob Bergoyan.

No ticket yet to The World of Phil Hendrie at the Irvine Improv? Then go get one and spend your money wisely, maybe for the first time in your life.