Back Home In California

Frank Grey here. Whirlwind trip to my old stomping grounds of Miami with the Hendrie Show. Talked with Deke Geberini, a guy I’d been in the club business with back in the day. It was [...]

Tuesday April 26, 2022

Ted Bell from Ted’s of Beverly Hills is in studio to talk about a disastrous Easter promotion.

Tuesday April 19, 2022

hil and the panel interview Rance Gredubeder, a resident of Western Estates and highly critical of the Dooleys

Margaret Grey Facts……

In the late sixties, Margaret came to California with dreams of being an actress. She got a producer’s call back for an audition as Audra in “The Big Valley” but Linda Evans got [...]

Friday March 11, 2022

At the beginning on the pandemic, Phil's stupidity on how to deal with it is on full display.

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