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Yes, our long-standing… no one really remembers how long…Friday night chat has come to an end. Holding forth for the last several years, first at 9pm Pacific and then 7pm, the chat was the community meeting for many a hardcore Phil Hendrie Show fan. It took many forms, originated both in studio and remote from places north and south of the border and featured many a weird moment, like the lighter exploding as Phil sat fireside 3 years ago. The chat has run its course and we’re going to focus going forward on show content that we think people primarily come to the website for.
Thanks to all, not the least of whom is Jeff Baker who originated and kept our weekly BSP map that tracked who was jumping online with us week to week and from where. The BSP map remains and will serve us going forward in other ways. Thank you all again for being there and supporting the Phil Hendrie Show.

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