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Have you ever been so hungry that you…if you already bought baby food on account of you got a baby…ate baby food because you were out of actual food? These are the questions that I’ll be asking on my new podcast “I Got Questions.”
Have you ever wondered if there is anywhere on the Sun we could land a space ship (I almost wrote ‘space shop’ which is also an interesting thought: Do we have space ships or are they really just space shops where we’re tinkering our way into deep space) and begin some basic exploration of the Sun and its different areas? I have. Have you ever asked yourself, as I have, if you could go to the Shroud of Turin, get some DNA and…wait for it…clone Jesus! (the answer to that one is,. no you can’t on account of the fact that the Shroud of Turin is a hoax and a gag! Yea, bet you didn’t think about that one? A monk or some guy, whoever, decided to roll around in a sheet, leave his…or her…well, wait, it wouldn’t had have been a her because you’d see the outline of breastes..mark on it and tried to fake out whoever seen it) Have you ever wondered why …..I mean there’s millions of questions that you or even I could ask. And we’ll ask them on “I’m Jeff Dowdder…And I Got Questions.” But I don’t know when because I can’t get Mr Hendrie on the phone.

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