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…….and I invite you to Ted’s of Beverly Hills, since 1975…with a one year pause to get our books together and do some remodeling…Ted’s has been serving up the best steaks in..well, the world! From our Porterhouse for two to our Filet’s, New York’s, Kansas City’s and Baseballs’ we’ve got it all. When we say we want to put our meat in your mouth what we mean is we want you to eat our steak. It doesn’t mean what some filthy minded morning show disc jockeys have said it means…..and you know what I’m talking about. When I say I want to slide my meat into your mouth and watch your eyes pop out of your head and hear you mumble with delight I mean we are proud of our slow-cooked Prime Rib and all the entrees. And you talk about side dishes. Roasted asparagus, cabbage and garlic mashed potatoes, basil carrots, the dry, garlic beans that have become a favorite and so very many more that have nothing to do with sticking meat in your mouth, so please clean your mind up.

Our Prime Rib Room is our lounge. It’s called the Prime Rib Room because that’s where we used to slow cook our prime rib until we expanded after my father was hospitalized for acute alcoholism and I was able to begin to put my stamp on the place. I kept the name “Prime Rib Room” because I couldn’t get anyone to call it The Bell Bar. They wanted to remember it the way it was when my father was sober. So, instead I invented…that’s right…INVENTED…the Ted..a Captain Morgan’s and Coke. I also INVENTED wrapping tin foil around a baked potato and I was the one that said “Don’t you think these steak knives would cut better if the edges were serrated?” And by the way on any given night you might see a movie or television star having a quiet cocktail in our Prime Rib Room although, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, you won’t be allowed near them unless you and I reach an understanding.

Join us won’t you. Family friendly (to a point) and the food is out of this world (to a point) Ted’s of Beverly Hills!! (Located in Beverly Hills)

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    The McLaren Black is the car for Ted…. The standard McLaren is way too common for the guy who invented the foil wrapped baked potato – for the love of all that is holy! Furthermore, he needs a central station alarm system on the car, that automatically dispatches local law enforcement to its location via gps for every alarm event. After all what better use of police resources? He's Ted Bell…

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    Hey Ted, I'm 55 years old and my mother wrapped potatoes in aluminum foil when I was 4 or 5 years old. I think she was even wrapping them that way for my older brother who is 65 years old. It kind of looks like she invented wrapping potatoes in foil quite a bit before you did.

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    Hello Mr. Bell, I am looking to have a nice birthday dinner with my autistic son, hope to see you soon!

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    Ted , your meat left a certain TWANG in my mouth that seemed familiar……..cranberry juice marinade maybe?

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    You and Bobbie are both slackers when it comes to blogging 😉

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    Give it up, Ted, you'll never be Luger's.

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    HI Ted,

    Watch your back because I'm gonna stick my meat somewhere besides your mouth. You lying sack of dog squeeze.

    Get some


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    Hey Ted….I want you to put your meat in my BLEEP…and then put your BLEEP in my mouth.

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    Mr. Bell,

    I received your Cease and Desist notice via certified mail yesterday. I am referring these matters to my attorney, but in light of expediency I would like to point out that the rum and Coke I made for myself the previous week contained Baccardi rum rather than Myers or Captain Morgan's. As such, I believe it falls outside of your copyright domain and is in fact "Fair Use." I look forward to your response.


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    Ted…how could you forget to mention everyone's favorite…the baked potato tree?

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    My social worker friend is looking for a job at Ted's of Beverly Hills Classy Ladies. Any employment info would be appreciated. I presume Ted's is and Equal Opportunity Employer?

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    Hey Ted do you still use the zippered potato pouch?
    Unzip it and pull it out hot.

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    Hello Ted, fifisexorama here, I'd like to personally thank you for inventing the tin foil baked potato cooking method. My boyfriend still won't allow you to slide your meat in my mouth, but I am begging, I have made an appointment with a psychotherapist for Thursday so that we can get his anorexia issues worked out. I'm craving your meat so badly that i just want to ram it down my throat. Alright, well we'll be seeing you soon, if he doesn't get fixed by the psych lady then I'll just sneak off and go it alone while he has his appointment.

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