The Dr. Jeff Dowder Show

Dr. Jeff Dowder guest hosts the show, and takes your calls to talk a you about the most bitchininest stuff what's in Los Angeles. from 1997.(0:39:00)

The Hemp Exchange

1996: In an early appearance, Jeff Simons (later Dowder) promotes his new medical Hemp Exchange. (contains bleeped profanity)(0:07:00)

Saving Billy Hawkins

Jeff Dowder shares the story of his heroic efforts in saving young Billy Hawkins from El Niño flood waters. But having saved a life is not enough.(0:31:00)

Section 8

Jeff Dowder explains how he was ousted from the Armed Forces after he was shoved out of an airplane with nothing but a bedsheet. from November 2001.(0:02:38)

The Child Forgiven

". Or "...Within"? Whatever. *special thanks to Brian Ellis for this clip!*(0:34:00)

Your Own Personal Jesus

Jeff Dowder intends to engineer the Second Coming through the miracle of cloning, and he's got dibs on marketing and television talk show appearances for his Baby Jesus Circus [...]

He’s an Idiot

Jeff grasps his drumsticks just fine, but getting him to grasp a point is futile.(0:04:10)

Fancyboy Headgear

Lloyd Bonifide and Jeff Dowder call in to discuss new Army attire and if navy pants are sexy or not. from June 2001.(0:07:02)

Live on WLW Cincinnati

. Featuring appearances by Jeff Dowder, Bob McGraw, Bud Dickman, Bob Greene, and more!(1:18:22)

Beached Whales

Jeff Dowder claims that the people pushing the whales back into the ocean in Massachusetts are idiots because that's natures way of weeding out retorted whales! featuring an [...]

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