Bakery Strike

The Interstate Bakery workers strike threatens Jeff and other artists who need munchies after sparking the owl. from March 2000.(0:15:20)

Beached Whales

Jeff Dowder claims that the people pushing the whales back into the ocean in Massachusetts are idiots because that's natures way of weeding out retorted whales! featuring an [...]

Coaster Riders Unite

Thrill park enthusiast Jeff Dowder thinks that roller coasters should be limited to men, age 15 to 35 with a valid drivers license. You should also have experience on water slides [...]

Darkhorse Is Dead

Drummer Jeff Dowder talks about the news that four members of his band Darkhorse died last night when their tour van went off a bridge.(0:13:15)

Dolphin Safe Tuna

In an inventive twist, enviromentally conscious fisherman Jeff Dowder is leading the effort in saving schools of tuna from vicious dolphin attacks by herding them in nets and [...]

Einstein’s Theory

Cal Tech professor Jeff Dowder tries to explain Einstein's theory of gravity moving as fast as light.from January 2003.(0:04:34)

Extreme Surfing

Jeff Dowder calls in live from Georgia to talk about the awesome waves Hurricane Floyd is bringing in.(0:20:56)

Fancyboy Headgear

Lloyd Bonifide and Jeff Dowder call in to discuss new Army attire and if navy pants are sexy or not. from June 2001.(0:07:02)

Frog Levitation

Dr.Jeff Dowder discusses the topic of using magnetic fields to levitate animals. from KFI 1996.(0:19:19)

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