Traveling to Space

Ted Bell says that the average person will never travel to space because they don't have the cash to underwrite the mission. from April 2001.(0:36:47)

Art Does Phil

Straight out of retirement, Art decides to change the format of his show from U.F.O.'s and Monsters to taking calls from imaginary guests that he himself does the voices [...]

Facility 3

, a sect of religious people who believe to have contact with extra terrestrials.(0:06:59)

Ride in My BMW

In an effort to raise money for his restaurant, Ted Bell offers to drive people around in his BMW for $200 an hour.(0:29:47)

Dot Com Revenge

Ted Bell thinks he's helping his country by hiring a bunch of out of work dot commers to bus tables and wash dishes at his restaurant.(0:28:58)

Superbowl Package

, for $400 he will provide transportation, food, tickets and accommodations to the big game.(0:28:45)

Ted Bell’s Salad Bar

Ted Bell says he'll stand over his "All you can eat" salad bar and tell his customers they are looking a little overweight, a customer named Clara Bingham calls in to complain.(0:28:21)

Headsets Are For Retards

Ted Bell is afraid people will think he's crazy if he wears a headset on his cell phone while driving. from November 2003.(0:37:05)

Fire: The Book

Ted Bell is publishing a coffee table book that will honor the challenges firefighters face everyday.(0:18:42)

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